About Zorluna

Vision & Values

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”

Zorluna is the Goddess Lifestyle brand created by Eula Thompson.

The Goddess Lifestyle is all about creating a fulfilling life that aligns with your true authentic self – AKA your inner Goddess. We believe that this is a holistic practice which equally embraces Mind, Body, Spirit & Style and this ethos is reflected in everything that we do. After all, being a Goddess isn’t just about looking good, it’s about feeling good too!

From our stunning adornments, to our high vibe blog & resource hub, to our amazing membership community, we offer both the jewels and the tools to help you create a life that you truly love.

The Jewels

Goddess Adornments; a special item (usually worn) to enhance or bring out the inner Goddess

Adornment is an important part to any Goddesses life and although it comes in many forms, jewellery is often the most valued and empowering. On the surface it is worn to enhance our outer beauty, but we all know it means so much more than that.

From the bejewelled bohemian to the wonderfully whimsical, our colourful collection infuses crystal healing and sacred symbology to create talisman for the modern day Goddess.

Each of our beautiful Goddess Adornments has a story to tell and comes with its own unique affirmation to help you tap into its energy. So whether you are looking for adornment for a special occasion or an everyday amulet for good luck or protection, our show stopping pieces are designed to make you look and feel fabulous.

The Tools

Living the Goddess Lifestyle is an intentional process and with the right tools and support it is something that any of us can accomplish.

Through our hub of practical resources, we are dedicated to bringing you a happy, healthy, holistic and honest approach to living with true authenticity and joy.

Our Mind, Body, Spirit & Style blog is packed with carefully curated content including inspiration, tips, how-to’s, inspiring interviews and so much more.

We also have lots of information on how to use our unique self-growth tool, the Jewel of Life, so that you can connect with yourself on a deeper level and make every facet of your life shine brighter.

The Jewel Membership

If you are looking for even more love and support on your journey of self-growth, we also have an online membership called The Jewel Membership.

As a Jewel member, you’ll receive access to our growing vault of Goddess Guides and exclusive resources, each created to help bring you more balance, bliss and brilliance into the different facets of your life. Plus, we have a special community forum where you can chat and make friends with like-minded Goddesses and exchange advice and inspiration.

Our Mission & Brand Beliefs

Our mission is to inspire women to connect with their inner Goddess in Mind, Body, Spirit & Style, so that they can tap into their innate power and create more balance, bliss & brilliance.

At the heart of Zorluna are 9 key beliefs that help shape everything we do. This is so that we can fulfil our brand mission and serve the #ZorlunaCollective at a deeper level.

Brand Belief 1: Authenticity & Alignment

Brand Belief 2: Balance & Bliss

Brand Belief 3: Community & Connection

Brand Belief 4: Compassion & Care

Brand Belief 5: Exploration & Expansion

Brand Belief 6: Healing & Happiness

Brand Belief 7: Inspiration & Insight

Brand Belief 8: Passion & Purpose

Brand Belief 9: Personal Power & Potential

Eula Thompson – Owner & Founder

Libra Sun – Virgo Moon – Capricorn Rising

Eula is a Jewellery Designer, Astrologer, Crystal Healer, Reiki Seichem Master and the owner and founder of Zorluna, which she created in 2010. 

Her aim is to help women connect in Mind, Body, Spirit & Style so that they can live in alignment to their true selves and ultimately create a life they love.

She is the creator of the Jewel of Life system, and also runs The Jewel Membership, which is an online community for women who want to connect with like minded people and create more balance, bliss and brilliance into every facet of their lives.