Brand Beliefs: Passion & Purpose

Passion & Purpose

Dear Goddess,

We all want to create a life we love, yet so many of us are left feeling unfulfilled and to be honest a little bit (or a lot) empty inside. 

Even if we have accomplished a great deal and have accumulated the things that we would normally associate with success, I think most of us will experience a sense of feeling lost at some point in our lives. And most of us will question what we are actually doing here, and what our purpose is. 

One of the reasons that I started Zorluna was because I wanted to find my own sense of purpose so that I could become excited about my life and what I was doing with it. For a long time I felt lost and was unsure of what I should be doing, but with a feeling that I should be doing something important. 

It was this drive to create something of substance that got me started with designing and making jewellery. My personal style was always something I was enthusiastic about and I especially had a big love for finding unique accessories, so creating my own line was something that really appealed to me.

However, as I continued on my journey of self-growth I realised that whilst I had a passion for fashion, it wasn’t quite enough to sustain me. Even though it was a step in the right direction, it wasn’t the final destination on my quest for finding meaning. 

Like a lot of people I was correlating my personal value to my work, and whilst my work was important it wasn’t my sole reason for being. From this realisation I knew that I wanted to help people not just find their passion and purpose but to inspire them to be passionate about themselves and their lives.

It’s great to find passion in projects but it needs to be beyond just our productivity and extend to our experiences and existence too. For life to truly feel great there needs to be a sense of excitement and meaning, which is why Passion & Purpose is one of our brand beliefs.

Why Passion & Purpose is a Zorluna Brand Belief

This means offering you resources that inspire you to find what really lights you up inside and makes you feel alive, so that you can truly create a life you love. 

Finding what we are passionate about helps us to find our purpose, because passion ignites our soul and drives us forward. Purpose is essential because it helps to give perspective to what is important. When we know our purpose, we understand that we matter, and when we know that we truly matter, we experience life in a whole different way. 

However, when it comes to living a purposeful life, we can sometimes struggle and have the tendency to become complacent, like we have all the time in the world to show up for ourselves and live fully. But the truth is, we don’t, and we have to start living life passionately, like it really matters, because it does and so do we.

We also have to be mindful that we don’t get distracted by things of little significance or use them to avoid what’s actually important. And what is important to us is as individual and unique as we are.

It’s important to remember that whilst our careers can play an important part in our lives and can very much contribute to part of our purpose, they are not our reason for existing. Our purpose is far beyond the jobs that we do.

Through Zorluna, my aim is to provide you with resources that inspire you to delve deeper to discover what brings joy and meaning to your life, so that you can live it fully and fiercely.

We are not here to tell you what you should be passionate about or what your purpose should be, only you can decide that for yourself.  We are here however, to inspire you to settle for nothing less.

With Love
Eula xxx

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