Brand Beliefs: Exploration & Expansion

Exploration & Expansion

Dear Goddess,

The desire to change and evolve is a natural part of the human condition. Yet so often when it comes to making these changes we think we should have all the answers. Or we believe that if they don’t come easily to us, then they won’t come at all. 

The truth is we grow through exploration and experimentation. It’s often a messy process, but a necessary one nonetheless. 

When I first started Zorluna I had no idea what I was doing. I mean, why would I, it’s not like I had ever run a business before. I had ideas about what I wanted and what I thought I perhaps needed to do to make them happen, but there was still so much uncertainty. And I quickly realised that idea plus implementation doesn’t always equal the intention you had envisioned.

Over time I learned that if I wanted to be successful then I had to be willing to explore and find out what did and didn’t work. This was scary because it meant that I was accepting that I might sometimes fail; a thought process that stopped me in my tracks many times. 

However, at some point on my self-growth journey, I learned to look at this as more of an adventure and began to understand that failure was a natural part of the process to success. Once I realised this, I was able to reframe the concept of failing into one of learning and growing instead. It could be difficult at times but I learned so much from the challenges I faced. I learned what I wanted, what I needed and what was important to me and the brand I was creating.

In fact, exploration allowed me to find the true direction I wanted to take Zorluna in. It allowed me to expand in ways I hadn’t even considered before. Zorluna definitely didn’t start as the brand it is now. I started it because I loved fashion and I loved finding unique items that complimented my personal style. The thread of honouring the true self was always there but it was essentially just jewellery. 

Zorluna’s progression into the self-growth game was a natural evolution of my own. As I began to explore and expand on a personal level, I wanted to be able to offer more than just surface level stuff. I wanted to be able to incorporate what I was learning about life, and share my insight and experiences to help other people overcome their obstacles to happiness and success.    

Creating a life that we love doesn’t just happen. And it definitely doesn’t happen in comfort zones. We have to be willing to step out into the unknown and take a chance on ourselves and on life, which is why Exploration & Expansion is one of our brand beliefs.

Why Exploration & Expansion is a Zorluna Brand Belief

This means creating resources that help you to go deeper on your self-growth journey so that you can grow bigger and better and really live a life that feels aligned and purposeful.

Let’s be honest, growth isn’t easy and it can at times be a pretty painful process. After all, they don’t call them growing pains for nothing! Doing the inner work is hard and it takes courage to show up and meet ourselves where we are at.

It requires us to hold space and give ourselves the patience and grace we need to find our way. And we need to be able to give ourselves full permission to fumble and make mistakes as we go along.

Through Zorluna, my aim is to inspire you to delve deeper so that you can explore and discover who you truly are and what you truly need to create a life you truly love. 

We know that self-growth is a lifelong journey and we’re here to support you along the way. 

With Love
Eula xxx

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