The Jewel Membership

A safe space to support you on your journey of balance, bliss & brilliance

Would you love to learn how you can:

◆ Navigate the different cycles of life and honour each phase of the journey with more ease…

◆ Develop a deeper connection with yourself and feel more in alignment with your needs and desires…

◆ Maximise your potential and create a greater sense of harmony and fulfilment across all aspects of your life…

If so, we’ve got you, Goddess!

Goddess, it’s your time to shine!

welcome to The JEWEL Membership

Jewel is a membership for women who want to create more balance, bliss and brilliance within every facet of their lives. We believe in a holistic approach and have cultivated a safe space that allows you to explore your journey of self-discovery and personal growth and can connect more deeply in Mind, Body, Spirit & Style. 

Inside the membership are a growing collection of carefully curated rituals and resources including:






Intention Setting

JEWEL will help you to

The Jewel of Life

With our unique Jewel of Life system at the foundation, we’ll be working on creating true fulfilment in a simple yet intentional way. There are 9 key facets in the Jewel of Life system, each representing an important aspect of our lives. As a Jewel member, you’ll have access to tips and tools that will help you shine brighter in each one.

Spirit & Soul

Self-acceptance and honouring our true authentic selves

Love & Romance

Self-Love and nurturing our romantic relationships

Money & Finance

Self-Worth and building wealth and abundance

Health & Wellbeing

Self-Care and practicing holistic wellness

Friends & Family

Self-Respect and having healthy relationships

Fun & Recreation

Self-Motivation and experiencing joy and happiness

Career & Business

Self-Development and finding satisfaction in the work we do

Environment & Surroundings

Self-Preservation and creating harmony in our physical spaces

Attitude & Gratitude

Self-Awareness and cultivating a mindset that supports us

You deserve to grow and glow in every facet of your life!

The Jewel Journey

In the Jewel of Life system, the Jewel Journey is our personal progress path to creating more balance, bliss and brilliance within every facet of our lives. 

Life is an ongoing journey, and whether we are intentional about our destination or not, it is going to take us somewhere.

When we work with the Jewel of Life system we are committing to taking intentional steps towards creating more fulfilment, ones that can take us from feeling dull, to bright to brilliant. 

However, we have to remember that life is not linear, and we often have to navigate our way through new phases and changing cycles.  

Using our 5-step Reflect, Release, Renew, Ritual and Review process we are able to work out where we are and which direction we need to go in.


Establish your needs, challenges and strengths


Identify what you need to let go of 


Determine what you need to acquire  


Create your plan of action and execute


Evaluate your progress and refine your steps

Hey Goddess,

It’s Eula here, the founder of Zorluna and the lead guide of The Jewel Membership. If like me, you are committed to creating a life of balance, bliss and brilliance, then I think this could be the place for you.

I started my own journey of self-growth many years ago and along the way I have been introduced to many different tools, techniques and teachers. I even created my own framework called The Jewel of Life system. However, whilst all of these resources have been invaluable, I realised that there was still something missing, and that was community.

Although it is a personal journey for each of us, it doesn’t mean we have to take it alone. Community and connection are an important part of life and it is vital for our growth to feel loved and supported, especially when we are in the process of self-discovery and personal transformation.

Our approach in Jewel is to hold space and honour the different cycles of life. We prefer presence over productivity, because whilst creating a life we love does require taking intentional aligned action, we have to be able to find the balance between doing and being.  

So Goddess, if this sounds like you, then I’d love for you to come and join us.

With Love
Eula xxx

What’s included in my Jewel Membership?

Inspirational Guides For Self-Growth

As a member, you’ll get access to our library of Jewel Guides, which include inspiring lessons, useful how-to’s, workbooks, trackers, checklists, audios and so much more. Each guide is designed to provide guidance on a specific task or topic.

Quests For Success

The membership also includes a series of self-growth challenges, known as the Jewel Quests. Their purpose is to help you work towards gaining a specific skill or habit. 

ASTRO JEWELS – Tips & Tools For Working With Astrology

With our astrological resources you can find out how to…

◆ Navigate the current astrology and honour the different cosmic cycles 

◆ Gain a better understanding of your unique astrological DNA so you can cultivate a deeper connection with yourself

◆ Work with your innate strengths and struggles and fulfil your greatest potential.

As a Jewel member, you’ll get access to…

  • Our Cosmic Calendar of upcoming transits and planetary placements
  • Insight and ideas to help you work with the energies
  • Monthly Moon Cycle Guides with astrological insight and rituals for each Moon phase
  • A monthly Sun Season Summary showing you the upcoming potentials of the current solar season
  • Cosmic Check-In & Moon Mapping info to help you plan for the week ahead


How does The Jewel Membership work?
Jewel is a monthly membership subscription, which means that you will have access to our online community and resource vault for as long as you are a member. Once you have joined you will automatically be billed each month on a recurring basis.

How much does it cost to join The Jewel Membership?
It currently costs £18 a month or £180 a year to be a Jewel member. As this is a subscription based membership you will automatically be billed on or around the same day each month / year. The price that you joined at will remain the same for the duration of your membership.

What is an access pass to The Jewel Membership and how much does it cost?
An access pass is a limited special offer that allow short term access to the full membership without having to sign up for a subscription, making them the perfect gift for yourself or others. We offer 3 months for £45, 6 months for £90 and 12 months for £180. Access will be granted to the recipient of the access pass at a date specified by you.

What if I want to cancel?
Of course we’d love for you to stay, but we understand that things change and so we’ve made it easy for you to cancel your membership at any time. This can all be done in a few clicks from your member dashboard.

Do I need to follow a specific spiritual path to join?
No, The Jewel Membership is open to all belief systems. Spirituality is an important aspect of who we are but we know that everyone’s experiences are different. Our aim is to offer you the guidance and support needed to follow your own path, so that you can live in the most authentic way for you.

Start your Jewel Journey today