Brand Beliefs: Community & Connection

Community & Connection

Dear Goddess,

When it comes to creating a life we love, there is naturally a focus on the self and what we personally need to do in order to make this happen. Whilst we are responsible for our own lives, the truth is we don’t do this life alone. In fact, without our relationships life would be very different indeed.

Relationships are important because we all need people to relate to. People who will listen and hold space for us. And of course people who we can share our experiences with, good and bad.

In fact, one of the main reasons I created the JEWEL membership was because I so desperately craved this in my own life. I always felt like no matter how hard I tried I never really felt that I belonged or that I was seen and heard by the people around me. 

It wasn’t until I became a business owner that I really got to experience the power of community. I was running Zorluna alone and to be honest, it was often very lonely and confusing. Other people in my life didn’t really get it and frankly some didn’t want to. I struggled to create success, so I would look for ways to expand my knowledge, and by extension I was introduced to some pretty amazing like-minded people.

In fact, one of my first experiences of seeking out community in a very conscious way was through business groups. Specifically business groups for women, because in a world that is often dominated by men and a more masculine way of doing things, it felt great to find others who wanted to take a different approach. One that felt more aligned and heart-centred.

Although these groups were based around the shared interest of being an entrepreneur, the topics discussed very often went beyond the basics of business, and sometimes not even about business at all. It quickly became apparent that the things that held us back and the things that propelled us forward could be found across all facets of life. After all, how we do one thing tends to be how we do them all.  

Within these groups was a safe space for women to be open and vulnerable about what they really wanted, what they feared, what they were good at and what they struggled with. It was a place to offer solutions or seek advice. Somewhere to cheerlead and celebrate each other’s successes, big and small. For many of us, it became a vital part of the success we had in running our own businesses.

However, one of the common threads that came up time and time again was that we lacked this kind of support in our non-business lives. We’d either outgrown the groups we were part of or simply struggled to relate or find a sense of mutual respect and understanding. 

Why Community & Connection is a Zorluna Brand Belief

As I ventured into more non-business related communities, I could see that this theme was rampant. It seemed like so many people felt a sense of isolation and separation, regardless of how many people they had in their lives. And even though we are more connected than ever, thanks to modern technology, some of us have never felt more disconnected to the world around us and the people in it.

The people we have in our lives play a huge part in our happiness and success, which is why Community and Connection is one of our brand beliefs.

This means offering you resources and opportunities that help you connect with others who can support you on your journey of life. It means providing you with safe space to share and explore, so that you can grow and create amazing aligned experiences. It also means collaborating with other incredible women and combining our unique gifts to bring you inspiration and insight. 

Through Zorluna, my aim is to connect women around the world who are seeking a deeper sense of community. 

We’re not here to replace your nearest and dearest, or to become a substitute for the important in-real-life connections we all need and desire. We understand that whilst the online world has so much to offer, it can sometimes take over and stop us being fully present in our lives offline. So instead, we’re here to offer additional love and support on your journey of self-growth and creating a life that you love.

With Love
Eula xxx

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