Brand Beliefs: Healing & Happiness

Healing & Happiness

Dear Goddess,

Happiness is something that we are always striving for. However, many of us struggle to maintain it because we haven’t healed from experiences in the past that have caused us pain.

One of the main reasons I started Zorluna was to help me find my own sense of peace and happiness. However, one of the reasons I first struggled to make it a success was because of the many emotional wounds that I was still carrying. 

Before I finally found the direction I wanted to go in, I would jump from idea to idea, enthusiastically starting projects with the thought process that making them a success would make me happy. I’d often take these ideas to a certain point but either never quite finished them, or if they did get completed, struggled to turn them into the triumph I envisioned. This was usually down to some self-sabotage or limiting belief on my part and as I could never quite find this elusive happiness I was looking for, I would just move onto the next ‘big’ idea.

So many of us avoid the inner work by trying to find happiness in external things, and in reality I was trying to find happiness beyond myself instead of from within. As I went further into my self-growth journey I realised I was also on one of deep healing and transformation. Along the way I began to experiment with different healing modalities, and some years after I got my Psychology degree, I trained as both a Crystal Healer and a Reiki Master. 

I guess I have always had an interest in personal growth with a spiritual twist. I got my first set of tarot cards at 13 and started learning astrology in my late teens as a way to understand myself and the people around me more. This eventually developed into its own form of healing for me and through it I began to really understand the practice and the power of self-acceptance. 

As all of these modalities have helped me on my own healing journey I wanted to find a way to bring them into the brand so that they could help others too. My personal definition of success is peace and I think that it is something we all deserve to find. However, many of us struggle to maintain it, which is why Healing & Happiness is one of our brand beliefs.

Why Healing & Happiness is a Zorluna Brand Belief

This means creating resources that help you honour the process and hold space for yourself as you process past pain and transform it into peace, which of course leads into happiness. 

Healing helps us to sustain this because it stops us carrying the pain from the past into the present, allowing us to enjoy and experience more of life’s precious moments. Whilst we can’t avoid pain in our lives, we can work towards releasing it, thus minimising the effects that it has on our future experiences.

It is important to remember that healing takes time and is often a multi-layered and multi-step process. Sometimes we think that we have healed something, only to discover later on that there is more work to do. Other times it can feel like we are taking two steps forward and one step back, and no matter how hard we try, we are going nowhere fast. 

We also have to remember that healing is a holistic process because we ourselves are multifaceted. It can come in many different forms and using a variety of modalities can be very beneficial. Sometimes we find what was working for us at one point no longer does, and that’s ok. We need different things at different times, which is why it’s good to have a range of healing tools that we can pull from. 

Ultimately, only we know what we really need and taking charge of our own healing helps us to take charge of our happiness. So often we are looking for distractions in other places to avoid doing the necessary work, but as we begin to heal, we begin to see more clearly what we actually need and want from life. 

Through Zorluna, my aim is to offer you resources to inspire you to heal holistically so that you can create and sustain a life that you love.

We’re not here to heal you or to tell you how to heal, only you can do that. But we are here to offer you support as you embark on your own very important process. 

With Love
Eula xxx

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