The Healing Journey

I wanna talk about healing.  No, not the physical kind (although it can manifest into that), but the mental, emotional and spiritual kind. This is about healing the wounds that go far beyond our physical bodies, the ones that embed themselves into the deepest parts of our auras. The wounds that keep us fearful and stuck.  The wounds that stop our chakras from spinning to their fullest, most life enhancing. The wounds that stop us from being light and love.  This is about #HeartChakraBusiness.

For many of us these wounds stem from childhood and our relationships with our nearest and dearest.  And because we we carry them into adulthood with little or no attempt to heal them we end up repeating the same old cycles and in some cases transferring them on to those around us. And sadly (whether we realise it or not) anger, resentment and generally more pain towards those who have hurt us is festering underneath all the while taking away our own peace.

So often is the case that the ones who inflict the most pain on others are the ones who need healing most. Because it’s true what they say, hurt people, hurt people. This isn’t an excuse for being treated badly because we all have free will and we all make choices… and we can choose to hurt others, or not. This is however, to add another layer of understanding as to where it may stem from, because with knowledge comes power and in this case the power to make the changes that need to be made.

Here’s the thing about healing, it’s almost always a process. It’s not a switch we can just flick and BOOM we’re magically healed. It’s not even necessarily one big defining moment that turns it around for us. Sure, there may be some defining and enlightening moments along the way. But the point when you realise that something big has shifted and is no longer causing you pain can turn out to be a no more than a subtle nudge of recognition.

The healing process can be a long and winding road, and it can also be a confusing one. Sometimes we think we have healed from a situation only to find ourselves in pain again later down the line.  And oh how we can berate ourselves for this! “Why am I still upset about this?”, “Why can’t I just move on from this?”, “What the eff is wrong with me?”, sound familiar?

The wounds from past hurts and conflicts can go pretty deep and whilst they may appear to be healed at a surface level there could still be a considerable amount of inner healing left to do.  It may well be that you have healed a part of that particular situation but that there are other more complex issues that you didn’t even realise existed. Have you ever noticed how one thing can mask another and it is only once one of those things disappears that the other becomes visible?

It may also be that as you begin to have a deeper understanding of yourself and your own inner workings, needs and complexities you begin to see things in a more enlightened yet complex way. And that’s only a good thing because it shows growth, strength and compassion #HelloSelfLove.

It can be hard carrying around our own personal struggles.  In fact it can be incredibly lonely and isolating which can leave us believing that we are alone in the world with our pain. But I think what we often fail to understand is that how things may look to the outside world can be considerably different to what is happening internally.

We’re not really alone in our suffering because the truth is we’re all dealing with something.  We’re all wounded in our own way. The problem is that it’s not something that we openly talk about.  That is until perhaps you find your tribe. Those people who you can be open and honest with and who support you in your healing journey.

Now, I know what many of the law of attraction teachings tell us.  Focus on the good, think positively, feel good and your life will transform, and of course that is the aim. Who wouldn’t want to live a life of happiness and peace.  But what about when you just can’t?  I really do believe that ignoring how you feel is one of the most unloving acts you can do towards yourself.  It’s not just going to go away. You feel that way for a reason so you need to acknowledge it and understand why. Only then can you truly move forward.

Whilst we should focus on cultivating a positive mindset every day we should also focus on a healing and nurturing one too!

Although there is beginning to be a more open dialogue about emotional intelligence there is still some shame around personally admitting that we are feeling emotions of a negative association.  In The Negative Side To Positive Thinking I talked about the shame and guilting that can take place around the positive thinking movement.  Often when we vocalise any sign of negativity we are harshly judged and written off as a Negative Nancy without any consideration for context. And you can bet your life that there’ll be bucket loads!

This type of response can make people feel even more isolated and enforce this idea that there is something wrong with them because they can’t move on and everyone else can.  But healing isn’t about fixating on the past and remaining stuck there. It is about learning from it so we can move forward into a more loving, more joyous phase of life.

And, sorry to shatter the illusion beautiful, but none of us are perfect, and we all have the scars to prove it. It’s just some people are too afraid to show theirs. But you don’t have to be. You can proudly wear yours as a badge of honour, courage and survival. You know what they say, scars add character!

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Below are some suggestions to implement as part of your healing journey:

  • Affirmations: “I allow myself to feel. I allow myself to heal”
  • Crystals: Rose Quartz and Rhodochrosite for self-love, kindness and compassion
  • Journalling: Write a daily journal about how you are feeling
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