Brand Beliefs: Personal Power & Potential

Personal Power & Potential

Dear Goddess,

Creating a life we love means living a life that feels good at a soul level. We all have the potential to do this, yet many of us are living lives that do not align to us, because we don’t believe in our ability to create what we want and need.

The truth is we are all powerful creators with the capacity to make great things happen, and self-belief is the first step in doing this.

Now before I go any further I want to state that this of course doesn’t take away from any of the very real problems we face personally or collectively. Life can have many challenges and a sense of belief doesn’t magically make them disappear. However, what it does do is open us up to the potential of what could be. This allows us to understand that we not only deserve happiness and peace, but that it is truly possible to obtain.

Being open to what was possible was what allowed me to start Zorluna in the first place and then persistence is what eventually helped me make it a success. It’s easy to look at something in its developed stage and think that it was always that way, but trust me, that wasn’t the case. Everything starts out as an idea with potential, but it takes a combination of faith, courage and action to make it a reality and all of these things can come and go.

I started Zorluna completely from scratch, and by myself, and it was a struggle. I didn’t receive any support from the people around me and I was often met by resistance and frankly sometimes sabotage. And to be honest it took a long time to take off, much longer than I anticipated. I had to keep tapping into myself and find a source of power within me to keep going even when I felt pretty deflated. And I had to trust myself and the universe a lot, even when my faith was wavering! 

We often think that greatness should be easy or that it is reserved for the few, which is why so many of us give up or don’t even bother trying in the first place, but we all have a lot of potential within us and we all deserve to fulfil it. Creating a life we love truly takes trust, perseverance and self-belief, which is why Personal Power & Potential is one of our brand beliefs.

Why Personal Power & Potential is a Zorluna Brand Belief

This means offering you resources that motivate you to believe in yourself and help you tap into your own personal reserve of strength and potency, so that you can create greatness, even when things feel tough.

It’s important to remember that our potential is unique to us, but ultimately it is about peace and happiness, and how we get that is a very individual process. What greatness looks like for one person, will be totally different for another, because greatness comes from living a great life. And we live a great life by living in alignment with who we are.

When we tap into our personal power it allows us to take full responsibility for our lives. And this means we are more likely to do what is needed.

Through Zorluna, my aim is to inspire you to be open to what is possible for you, so that you can believe in more and therefore go for more. It is not about having a false sense of entitlement or expectation, but knowing that you deserve to live a great life.

We can’t tell you what your potential is, or how you should fulfil it, but we can provide you with the tools you need to help you tap into your personal power so that you can achieve greatness.

We only get one shot at this life and we have to make it count, because Goddess, we count.

With Love
Eula xxx

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