Brand Beliefs: Authenticity & Alignment

Authenticity & Alignment

Dear Goddess,

So often in life we find ourselves striving to find a sense of peace and happiness by trying to be someone other than who we truly are.

One of the main reasons we do this is because we want to please everyone, so that we can in turn be accepted by everyone. But the truth is Goddess, we can’t do either. In fact, finally understanding this was one of the key steps to Zorluna’s eventual success.

When I first started out and even a long time afterwards I took advice from a lot of people who were willing to give it, whether I asked for it or not. In fact, most times I didn’t ask. Everyone had an opinion about what I should be doing and how I should be doing it. Almost as if they would become Zorluna’s number one fan once I implemented their suggestions. Yeah right!

So, I’d make all of these changes, in which I invested even more time, money and resources, but guess what? It still didn’t work. And even the custom I assumed I’d be getting from my faithful advisors was nowhere to be seen. I felt frustrated because not only was I not able to find success on a tangible level, I was moving further and further away from what I had initially set out to do and it didn’t feel right.

Why Authenticity & Alignment is a Zorluna Brand Belief

The truth is, other people will always be willing to tell us who we are, and how we should be doing things in our lives, but that’s not for them to do so. Now don’t get me wrong I’m sure most people meant well, but it was coming from a place of limited understanding of what my brand was and what it stood for, (and kind of by extension what I stood for). And because I didn’t communicate clearly and confidently what that was, then it was easy for others to try and mould it into something that could be palatable for them, even though it was never really for them.

You see, now I know that Zorluna isn’t for everyone and nor do I pretend it to be. By staying true to the brand values and beliefs, it means that I get to offer the right thing to the right person without somehow compromising. I get to go all in with what I know #TheGoddessClique needs and loves instead of a half-arsed offering that will hopefully appeal to everyone in some way.

We are all completely unique, which means that we all have our own individual set of needs and desires. And if we want to be truly happy and fulfilled then we need to live in a way that truly resonates within, which is why Authenticity & Alignment is one of our brand beliefs.

This means offering you resources that help you to connect to your true authentic self so that you have the clarity and the confidence to create a life that you really love.

However, living authentically isn’t just about honouring who we are, it’s also about honouring life and its duality. There can be a tendency to seek validity only in that which is deemed positive and joyful, but life cannot be lived only on one side of the spectrum, that’s not how it works. And as challenging as some aspects of life can be, it is only from this contrast that true meaning and purpose can be derived. For example without death, the preciousness of life would not exist.

And living in alignment isn’t just about aligning with our needs and desires, it is also about living in alignment to our cycles and the world around us. We have to remember that no woman is an island and whilst we are an entity in ourselves we are also connected to everyone and everything in the universe.

Through Zorluna, my aim is to provide you with the resources you need to go beyond the surface level stuff, to actively honour different aspects of life and to integrate them for your highest and greatest good, so that you can create a life that you truly love.

It’s not here to tell you what to do, or who to be, other than to be yourself. Only you know what’s best for you and the truth is you already have the answers within, we’re just here to help you find them.

With Love
Eula xxx

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