Brand Beliefs: Balance & Bliss

Balance & Bliss

Dear Goddess,

So many of us set out to create a life that is full, but in reality end up living one that is just busy instead.

In fact, one of the main reasons that I started Zorluna in the first place was so that I could not only do a job I would love, but to also have more control over how I got to spend my precious time.

Like most unsuspecting entrepreneurs I thought starting a business would be fairly easy and would afford me more time and money to do the things that I loved… And of course to achieve more of that elusive work/life balance that we all wish to seek. But boy was I wrong. Very wrong! I soon realised that running a business is far from easy, and what I found was that my work life actually became even more predominant, whilst everything else took a back seat.

I had these grand ideas that I would be working less hours for more money. However, the reality was that I ended up working a lot more than I ever had for less money, less stability and a whole lot of stress and I really wasn’t that happy. This went on for a long time, too long in fact. In the end I knew that I had to change how I was approaching both my business and my personal life so that I could feel more fulfilled and more at peace with myself. Because Goddess, what is the point in dedicating so much time and energy to something if you don’t really get to enjoy the experience or the benefits?

Now what I will say is that when you have a big goal, regardless of which facet of life it falls into, then it is only natural for it to take more of a focus then some of the other things you have going on. In fact, the practice of narrowing where our attention and energy goes at any given time is a great way for us to gain traction and growth. This is because the more we have to do, the less of ourselves we have to give each task.

One of my favourite sayings is that “we can do anything. but not everything”, meaning the possibilities for our lives are endless, but our capacity to experience them is not. The reason that I love this saying so much is because it reminds us to have big expectations for our lives, but to also be discerning so that we can truly appreciate the things that matter most to us. And what matters most will be unique to each person.

However, one thing I think we all share in common is that we want to live a life that feels good, and is as stress free and easy as possible, and that is why Balance and Bliss is one of our brand beliefs.

This means creating resources that help you to experience feeling fulfilment and inner peace, so that you can live a life that feels harmonious and satisfying in every area of your life.

Why Balance & Bliss is a Zorluna Brand Belief

However, having balance isn’t about living every facet of life fully in equal parts at all times, that would actually be impossible. But it is about having a life that feels fulfilling even when we are facing struggle. It’s about knowing that we can still cope when there is loss because there are still plenty of great things in our lives and we are still pretty blessed and abundant regardless.

And a life of bliss isn’t one that is challenge free, again that would be impossible. But it is about having a life that truly resonates within and helps us to find a sense of peace even when we are facing conflicts. The truth is, life won’t always be easy, but it doesn’t always have to be hard either and sometimes bliss can be found in the simplest of things, if we know where to find it. And the easiest way to do that is to know and honour our true authentic selves.

Through Zorluna, my aim is to provide you with the resources you need to experience fulfilment and peace, even if you don’t yet have everything you want.

This isn’t about ignoring the struggles or striving for unattainable perfection, but understanding that balance and bliss starts within, and the first step is to honour what it is that would create this for you in any given moment of your life.

With Love
Eula xxx

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