Brand Beliefs: Compassion & Care

Compassion & Care

Dear Goddess,

From the very beginning of Zorluna’s journey, I knew that I wanted to offer products that raised people’s vibrations and made them feel great about themselves. 

This first started with carefully created jewellery that was designed to inspire and uplift the wearer. I then introduced our Mind, Body, Spirit and Style blog to help women create a life that they loved. And then finally a membership with the aim of cultivating community in the quest for finding balance, bliss and brilliance. 

All of this coincided with my own personal journey of self-growth and transformation. And as I have said before, the development of myself and the brand have often gone hand in hand. Over the years I have invested heavily in myself and made it my mission to seek out knowledge and resources to guide and support me. 

However, as I got further into my journey, I could see a real absence of compassion and genuine empathy in many of these spaces. Toxic positivity was rife and a lack or unwillingness to understand and consider the individual personal struggles of others and their ways of being seemed favoured. Shaming and encouraging others to dismiss their inconvenient truths in order to maintain an illusion of bliss or spiritual superiority often seemed like the norm.  

On many occasions, I too had fallen into this trap. Neglecting the core issues in fear of being labelled negatively, and trying to keep it positive and high vibe at any cost. It was as if I would be robbing myself or others of joy by just being honest about how I felt and where I was at. However, this belief is hugely problematic and of course hugely unloving. 

When it comes to personal transformation and creating a life we love, self-kindness is key. However, so many of us struggle to be kind to ourselves and tend to veer on the side of self-judgment and criticism instead. 

Whilst this work does need complete honesty and accountability, it also requires us to be able to lovingly hold space for ourselves, so that we can actually address the issues that keep us stuck. Shame and beratement rarely work as tools for motivation, as they just end up making us feel worse about ourselves. But when we apply some love and understanding to the situation, it opens us up to what is possible, which is why Compassion & Care is one of our brand beliefs.

Why Compassion & Care is a Zorluna Brand Belief

This means offering resources created with compassion and products made with care. We understand that everything has its place and these can come in many different forms.

Whether it is through our blog posts, our social media channels, or any other resources we create, we always want to come from a place of genuine compassion and care. Sometimes our harshest critic is ourselves and so we want to offer you guidance and words of wisdom in a loving and supportive way. 

We also want to offer safe space within our community so you feel heard, seen and supported on your journey of self-growth. 

When we experience compassion and care it raises our self-esteem and helps shape the way we experience life for the better. It shows us that we are worthy, that we matter and that our lives have great purpose. It allows us to make mistakes and learn from them, so that we can integrate these valuable lessons into our growth and not use them as reasons to stunt it. It also allows us to heal and transform ourselves without shame or blame.

Through Zorluna, my aim is to provide you with resources that lovingly hold space and support you, so that you can experience a life that you love.

It’s not about avoiding the inner work or any personal accountability, as these are all key components of practicing self-love. It is about providing a level of empathy and understanding so that you can grow from love.

With Love
Eula xxx

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