What It Means To Be A Goddess. Plus, 3 Tips For Living The Goddess Lifestyle

Helping you to create the Goddess Lifestyle is one of our main aims here at Zorluna HQ, but before we go further into that, let’s first address what it actually means to be a Goddess.

Well, the Zorluna definition of a Goddess is someone who honours her true authentic self in Mind, Body, Spirit & Style. And so when we talk about connecting with our inner Goddess we are really just referring to the process of tapping into who we are at a core level, without the pressure of external expectation.

Now of course that doesn’t mean that we have no external influences in our lives at all. That would be impossible. We are only human and it is only natural for our experiences in there many forms to shape us somewhat. However, they should never compromise any aspects of our true selves.    

You see, we all have our own set of needs, desires, beliefs and values, which are essentially what make us who we are. And it is only through honouring them that we can create internal peace and truly live a happy and fulfilling life.

The Goddess Lifestyle therefore is where we intentionally create a life that is in alignment to our true self, so that we can live with more peace, passion and purpose.

Unfortunately though, too many of us live in conflict with our true selves, because we were taught from a young age that if we want to be accepted and succeed in life, then we need to conform to certain norms and expectations. So we continue to follow paths that don’t resonate within, due to fear of ridicule or rejection. Or simply because we have a lack of belief in ourselves that we can do things our own way.

It is easy to believe that living a life that we love is somehow down to luck and that we have little control over how things turn out. However, we are much more powerful than we often realise. The universe is an abundant place and we are living at a time filled with so much opportunity and possibility. That doesn’t mean that we don’t have to work for it, but it does mean anything is possible if it is what we truly desire.

You see, whether we are being intentional or not we are creating our realities with every decision we make. Even though we can’t always control the external factors that affect our lives, we can choose how we will deal with them and subsequently the impact that decision has on our future experiences and outcomes.

Goddess Guidance

Below are some tips and recommended resources to help you connect with your inner Goddess, so that you can successfully create and live the Goddess Lifestyle.

1. Create a practice of self-exploration and expansion

If we want to connect with ourselves at a core level, then we need to develop a regular practice that allows us to not only explore who we are, but also identify what we need in order to grow and evolve.

Life is a gift and because of all of the amazing possibilities available, it is one that has the ability to keep on giving. However, it is also short and has a tendency to be pretty fast paced. That means that if we’re not careful then it can quickly become something that happens to us, which is why we have to consciously make time to regularly review where we are at so that we can adjust and re-align accordingly.

Recommended Resources: Learn how you can create more balance, bliss and brilliance into all facets of your life with our unique self-growth tool, The Jewel of Life. We also have a free easy to implement 10-Day Challenge to help get you started, which you can access here.

2. Cultivate a Goddess Mindset

Although every aspect of ourselves is of equal importance, our minds are usually the starting point when it comes to creating a life that we love. Our thoughts and feelings are what help shape our experiences and drive our actions and the more positive and expansive they are the better our lives become overall.

However, cultivating a mindset that supports us in this way isn’t as easy as it sounds. Negative and limiting beliefs about ourselves and what is possible is something ingrained deep in society and its effects are often instilled in us from a young age.

Unfortunately, this way of thinking can be so natural that we don’t always recognise it within ourselves. Fortunately, with some conscious effort we can begin to retrain our minds to think in a more positive and abundant manner.

Recommended Resources: Start to cultivate the Goddess Mindset in a simple yet effective way, with our free 30-day challenge here. Also, check out our post on the Power of Positive Affirmations and how to use them here.

3. Put together your own Goddess Jewel Kit of useful tools

Setting the intention to create a life that you love is only the first step when it comes to living the Goddess Lifestyle. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s a great step, but you are still going to need to back it up with actual action.

Even with the best intentions it can be hard to implement the steps that will support your lifestyle changes, let alone sustain them. Sometimes it is because we don’t know where to start, other times it’s simply because we have to learn the skills or habits needed to help us succeed. Either way we need the right tools to help us get the job done.

Tools can come in all shapes, sizes and styles. However, whether their form is physical, mental or spiritual, their purpose is to aid us in getting the desired result with more ease and efficiency.

Recommended Resources: Get ideas and inspiration for creating your very own Goddess Jewel Kit of tools here.

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