Astro Jewels: Weekly Horoscope 17th July 2023 – 23rd July 2023

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We start this week off with the New Moon in the sign of Cancer, inviting us to tap into what we want and need, especially when it comes to our home and family life, our emotional safety and security, and our self-care and healing. This is a time to get intentional and focus on what really feels like home!

Later that day, the nodes of destiny will change signs. Over the next year and a half the Aries/Libra axis of our chart will be lit up focussing on how we balance our relationship between ‘me’ and ‘we’. With the North Node in Aries, we’ll be looking at the ways in which we need to take charge in our lives and our relationship to self. With the South Node in Libra, we’ll be addressing our relationship to our relationships and where we might give away our personal power within them. 

On Sunday the 23rd July, Venus, the planet of love and relationships will station retrograde until the 4th of September. This will give us the opportunity to reflect on our relationships with others and to ourselves, as well as reevaluate what and who we value. In the sign of Leo, our relationship to pleasure and joy will also be under the spotlight. 

The Sun then moves into its home sign of Leo, where it will shine a light on our personal potential and creative self-expression.

We end the week with Chiron also turning retrograde, until the 27th of December. This is the planet that governs our wounds and the ways in which we feel different from others. It can often show us where we hold a lot of pain and shame, but it can also provide us with some of our biggest gifts and be the source of so much wisdom. During its retrograde period, it is an opportunity for us to reevaluate our past pain and realise our strengths.

Key Dates For Your Cosmic Calendar

Mercury square Jupiter – 17th July 2023 13:48 BST

A time to expand your creative ideas. Too much rigidity could create tension in your communications.

New Moon – 17th July 2023 19:31 BST

Set intentions to improve your home and family life, emotional safety and security, and your self-care and healing.

North Node enters Aries – 17th July 2023 21:00 BST

Take charge and become the authority of your life.

South Node enters Libra – 17th July 2023 21:00 BST

Address your relationship to your relationships and let go of co-dependency and people pleasing.

Moon enters Leo – 18th July 2023 05:39 BST

Honour your need for creative self-expression. Put yourself out there!

Sun trine Neptune – 20th July 2023 14:06 BST

Your inspired ideals could create a deeper sense of personal power.

Moon enters Virgo – 20th July 2023 18:12 BST

Take practical steps towards your goals.

Mars opposite Saturn – 20th July 2023 21:39 BST

Practical action provides staying power for your ideals. Defend your boundaries.

Crescent Moon – 21st July 2023 22:20 BST

Gather information to help you move forward or evaluate the validity of your intentions.

Sun opposite Pluto – 22nd July 2023 04:52 BST

Conflict around your sense of self and personal power could arise, but transformation is possible.

Mercury trine Chiron – 22nd July 2023 07:57 BST

Increased confidence can help you honour what usually makes you different.

Venus goes retrograde – 23rd July 2023 02:32 BST

Reflect on your current relationships with yourself and others. Do they add joy and value to your life?

Sun enters Leo – 23rd July 2023 02:50 BST

The spotlight is on your authentic self. It’s time to let it shine so you can honour your true potential.

Moon enters Libra – 23rd July 2023 06:54 BST

Honour your to relate and create a sense of harmony, but try not to people please.

Chiron goes retrograde – 23rd July 2023 13:41 BST

Reflect on your healing journey. How has past pain given you strength?

Mercury square Uranus  23rd July 2023 22:39 BST 

Expect some resistance to your vision. Allow space for innovation to take place.

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