Introducing The Goddess Guidelines Printable Cards. Plus Tips On How To Use Them

Goddess Guidelines are the set of rules we live by to ensure that we create a life that we love. Whilst these can be unique to the individual, we believe that there are some we can all benefit from. So we’ve come up with a collection of universal guidelines and turned them into printable cards for you to implement in your daily life.

The Goddess Guidelines

Goddess Guidance

There are 27 Goddess Guidelines cards, each one in the form of a motivational mantra and whether you pull a card at random or consciously choose one, there are many ways you can use your deck. Here are a few of our favourites:

1. As daily affirmations 

We love affirmations and whilst we generally try to keep them in first person, we still think our Goddess Guidelines make the perfect positive statements. Choose between 1-3 cards a day that you wish to affirm and make time each morning to repeat each one at least 10 times in succession. And if you can do more throughout the day then great.

2. To visualise your intentions

Our external experiences are often shaped by our internal beliefs. Visualisation is a powerful tool that allows us to connect with the outcomes we desire, so that we can begin to believe what is possible and take the action to make it happen. Choose one card at a time and spend a few minutes visualising what it would really feel like to embody its message. Use all 5 of your senses and allow yourself to experience the outcome.

3. As part of your journalling practice

Journalling is a great tool for healing, self-exploration, personal growth and seeking out solutions. Our cards make great cues to help you start consciously connecting to yourself  through the medium of writing. If you need a little extra guidance, then we’ve created some journal prompts for each one of our Goddess Guidelines. Just click on the individual cards above to be taken to its corresponding post.

4. On your vision board

Vision boards are a simple yet powerful tool for manifesting a life that we love, as they provide regular reminders of what our goals are and why we want to achieve them. Not only are our cards inspiratinal but they also look great, two important factors of creating a vision board. If you don’t yet have a board set up, then use our Goddess Guidelines to make a start. 

5. As motivational artwork

Our cards have been designed to motivate and inspire you through both their messaging and aesthetic. Put them in prominent places so that you’ll be reminded of their message on a frequent basis. Aside from our vision boards, some of our favourite spots are on walls or mirrors, on our altars or sacred space, and on our desks or inside our organisers.

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