Mind, Body, Spirit & Style

One of our biggest aims here at Zorluna HQ is to not only make you look and feel fabulous, but to also help you connect with your inner Goddess.

You’ve likely been hearing the ‘G’ word dropped a lot recently. For us (in short), the inner Goddess is all about being your true authentic fabulous self, so that you can live a happy and fulfilling life. It isn’t about becoming someone else or trying to fit into external ideals, but instead recognising and accepting your own true beauty, inside and out!

When you embark on the Goddess lifestyle you are taking a holistic approach to life; one that connects and reflects every part of your true self in Mind, Body, Spirit and Style.

Make no mistake, each of these elements of self are of equal importance, both individually and as part of the whole. Their connection is crucial and as we take a deeper look you’ll see just how intertwined they really are.


Our minds are the MVP’s in the way we live our lives! I’m sure you are more than familiar with phrases such as “Our thoughts become things” and “What we think we become”. And before you write this off as woo-woo nonsense (not that there’s anything wrong with some aligned woo-woo), consider this…

Our mind controls our thoughts, which then (based on our belief system) determines our feelings and emotions… this in turn creates our experiences in life. And you know that life is really just a collection of experiences, right?

This is great news because it means that we have the choice to create the life that we desire. It puts the power back in our hands (or our heads as it were).

We all have the power to create great experiences by simply changing our thought processes to be more positive, supportive and nurturing. Now I’m not for one moment suggesting that it’s as simple as “Just think positively”, as I discuss in The Negative Side To Positive Thinking.

After all, cultivating a Goddess Mindset is a process, and to be honest maintaining it is a lifelong job. However, there are many simple yet effective rituals that we can implement daily to feed our minds with the good stuff they need.


In the most obvious sense, our bodies give us life! When they cease to function, we cease to exist. They are basically the vessels that we use to navigate the physical world in which we live, and so it is vital that we look after them.

Whilst our minds help shape our experiences of life through our thoughts and beliefs, our bodies allow us to live and experience the world through our senses. And so it’s not hard to see that the way in which we treat our bodies will affect our physical experiences. However, because these two parts of the self are so interconnected this also has a knock on effect on our minds…

For example, our body gives us the energy to function on a day-to-day basis. If we are feeling lethargic then it’s hard for our minds to concentrate. If we are feeling full of energy our minds ability to concentrate greatly increases. Both experiences were created from the physical affects of the body.

And of course we now know that the mind has a huge influence on the body and cannot only create illness but also heal it too!

There is another aspect to the Mind/Body connection that is important in Goddess living, and that is Mind/Body Confidence connection. When we look good (based on our own ideals of course), we feel good about ourselves. Likewise, when we feel good inside, we are much more likely to feel good about our external appearance. We’re more loving and accepting of ourselves and this radiates out from us into all facets of our lives.

Just a little side note: There is no such thing as the ‘perfect’ body or appearance. There is however, the perfect you, and this is when you are connecting and celebrating your inner Goddess, perceived flaws and all!


Our spirit is the non-physical part of ourselves. It is our true identity, our character, our deepest needs and desires, our core beliefs, our purpose and our general outlook on life. All of which is completely unique to each of us. It is very much our own truth and not those that are placed on us by others.

It’s also the part that connects us to everything in the universe and reminds us that there is more to life than just us. It enables us to rid ourselves of ego and negative behaviour and experience the highest levels of love and happiness.

Unfortunately, our spirits can end up feeling a little broken and diminished because of external pressures of what we are told we should and shouldn’t be and do. There can be a constant pull between our internal truth and the external expectation. And because of the years of conditioning we are usually either stuck in limbo or defeated by the latter. Didn’t I tell you the mind was powerful!

When we are living in alignment to our spirit, we are happier and more fulfilled because we are living life on our terms. Things feel lighter and we feel freer, just as we are meant to. BUT… when we go against our spirit we are causing inner conflict, which results in stress manifesting in the mind and body. You see where I am going with this, right?


Our style is a reflection and expression of our true authentic self, but often when you are starting out on the spiritual path the word ‘style’ can feel a little unconformable and even superficial. If this is you at the moment then I am here to tell you that’s it’s neither superficial or unspiritual for you to embrace this part of yourself.

Our personal style is a valid part of our identity and as a spiritually connected Goddess, owning and celebrating your identity is key.

Where our spirit is about who we are on a core level, our style is a way for us to outwardly express ourselves, and if you didn’t know, self-expression is an important part of the human condition. And yes, we are talking about material world business here, but this is a material world and it’s more than ok to be a material girl.

However, style is more than just how we choose to adorn ourselves. It is also our personal tastes, likes and interests and how we pursue them. It’s what makes us feel good and sometimes it’s indulgent and decadent, but so what! You are worth spoiling, right? When we feel good, life is more joyous. We feel more blessed and less stressed, and that is always the name of the game in life.

So Goddess, here’s to being fabulous in Mind, Body, Spirit & Style!

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Below are some suggestions of things to implement to help you connect Mind, Body, Spirit & Style:

  • Affirmations are a great way to nourish your mind and lift your spirit. Take a look at our Affirmation of the week to get you started.
  • If you feel like you need an extra boost in the mindset department then check out our 30 Day Goddess Mindset Mission
  • Goddess Adornments are the perfect way to express your unique style. If you’re looking for bold and beautiful ways to adorn yourself and raise your vibration then take a look at our high vibe jewels over in the shop.
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