Astro Jewels: Weekly Horoscope 26th June 2023 – 2nd July 2023

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This week starts off with the Moon entering her First Quarter phase, urging us to take action on our goals. However, the cardinal conflict that is inherent with this Sun/Moon square in the signs of Cancer/Libra, could lead to stagnation. Especially if we let our need to create harmony with others take over our desire to put our ideas and intentions into action.

This could be further antagonised with the Mars/Uranus square leaving us to feel like we need to fight for our sense of autonomy when it comes to our individual aims.  

With Mercury entering sensitive Cancer later this week, our communication is likely to be more caring and compassionate. Unless we feel that we have to protect ourselves and the things we hold dear. Expect your ideas to be inspired by your intuition and not intellect at this time. 

There is an opportunity to heal some past wounds, as the Sun forms a trine to Saturn, creating the potential for greater personal power and inner stability. This is further supported with a passionate trine between Venus and Chiron, giving us the confidence to find value in ourselves and the struggles we have overcome. 

Key Dates For Your Cosmic Calendar

First Quarter Moon – 26th June 2023 08:50 BST

Mars square Uranus – 26th June 2023 10:23 BST

Mercury enters Cancer – 27th June 2023 01:24 BST

Moon enters Scorpio – 28th June 2023 09:55 BST 

Sun trine Saturn – 29th June 2023 02:42 BST

Venus trine Chiron – 29th June 2023 09:41 BST

Gibbous Moon – 30th June 2023 03:55 BST

Mercury trine Saturn – 30th June 2023 07:23 BST

Moon enters Sagittarius – 30th June 2023 15:59 BST

Neptune goes retrograde – 30th June 2023 22:06 BST

Sun conjunct Mercury – 1st July 2023 06:05 BST

Mercury sextile Jupiter 1st July 2023 08:10 BST

Sun sextile Jupiter – 1st July 2023 11:26 BST

Venus square Uranus – 2nd July 2023 15:33 BST

Moon enters Capricorn – 2nd July 2023 18:20 BST 

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