Astro Jewels Weekly Horoscope: 12th June 2023 – 18th June 2023

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We start the week off under the influence of the fiery Aries Moon. Although we are in the waning stage of the current lunar cycle, you may still have the urge to initiate something new. 

The following day, the Moon starts her Balsamic phase of her journey, urging us to rest and recuperate before the new cycle begins. During this phase, make time for some serious self-care, especially the type that helps you to nurture your physical vessel.  

Saturn will turn retrograde on the 17th, for the first time since entering Pisces back in March. You may notice a sudden shift in your energy that has a serious feel to it. You may even come up against something that requires you to take more responsibility in some way. 

On Sunday the 18th we have a New Moon in the sign of Gemini, marking the start of a brand new lunar cycle. The New Moon phase is usually a great time to connect with our true needs and desires and set intentions that enable us to create emotional fulfilment. 

In the sign of Gemini, we are likely to be more focussed on things concerning our communications, our connections to others, and diversifying our mental and intellectual pursuits and potential. 

Key Dates For Your Cosmic Calendar

Moon enters Taurus – 13th June 2023 19:31 BST

Balsamic Moon – 14th June 2023 10:12 BST

Mercury square Saturn – 15th June 2023 17:09 BST

Moon enters Gemini – 16th June 2023 02:45 BST

Mercury sextile Venus – 16th June 2023 16:29 BST

Saturn goes retrograde – 17th June 2023 18:27 BST

New Moon – 18th June 2023 05:37 BST

Moon enters Cancer – 18th June 2023 11:57 BST

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