Astro Jewels: Weekly Horoscope 10th July 2023 – 16th July 2023

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Cosmic change is afoot this week, as we have planetary sign shifts happening in both Mars and Mercury. 

We enter the Last Quarter Moon phase right at the beginning of the week, and with the luminaries forming their final square of the cycle, expect to come up against some kind of internal or external conflict. 

This phase invites us to look at how we can begin to create closure or close out projects we are working on. However, with the Moon still in Aries, you may find yourself wanting to start something new. Instead of beginning a brand new project, find a way to inject energy into an existing one. If you have an old hobby you would love to revisit, now would be the perfect time.

Later on the 10th, Mars, the planet of drive and action will be leaving passionate Leo and entering practical Virgo, where it will stay until the 28th of August. During this time, you may find yourself operating with a little less enthusiasm and excitement than you have recently been experiencing.

However, that doesn’t mean your desires are any less valid. Virgo is about the finer details and this transit gives us an opportunity to take a more organised approach to our goals so we can create real tangible results.  

We then have our second major shift on the 11th, as Mercury enters bold Leo, giving a confidence boost to our communications. Over the next few weeks, you may find yourself wanting to be more social and just more visible in general. If you’ve got ideas you want to get out into the world, then this is your invitation to put yourself in the spotlight so to speak.

Key Dates For Your Cosmic Calendar

Mercury trine Neptune – 10th July 2023 00:57 BST

Last Quarter Moon – 10th July 2023 02:47 BST

Mars enters Virgo – 10th July 2023 12:40 BST

Mercury opposite Pluto – 10th July 2023 21:47 BST

Moon enters Taurus – 11th July 2023 00:55 BST

Mercury enters Leo – 11th July 2023 05:11 BST

Sun square Chiron – 12th July 2023 13:06 BST

Moon enters Gemini – 13th July 2023 08:25 BST

Balsamic Moon – 13th July 2023 20:06 BST

Sun sextile Uranus – 15th July 2023 00:02 BST

Moon enters Cancer  – 15th July 2023 18:13 BST

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