Astro Jewels Weekly Horoscope: 19th June 2023 – 25th June 2023

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This week may roll in under a cloud of confusion for you, as the Sun in Gemini continues to square Neptune in Pisces. This could feel like quite a disorientating experience, and you may find yourself questioning your own identity, your purpose in life and the potential you have. 

At the very least, I would expect some spaciness and a drop in your vitality levels, so if possible, try not to plan anything that requires a lot of mental or physical capcaity at the start of the week.

The Sun’s month-long journey through sensitive Cancer will begin on the 21st, and will shine a light on our homes, family life, emotions, self-care and our sense of safety. It will also likely bring up things around our past, inviting our inner child to enter the chat. The Sun is all about potential and purpose and in the sign of Cancer, there is an opportunity for us to nurture and grow in all of these aspects.

Our intuition and emotional security (or lack thereof) will be leading the way on this one, asking us if our needs are truly being met, and if we truly feel safe within ourselves and within our surroundings. This will be a time of feeling into things for the answers.

Key Dates For Your Cosmic Calendar

Sun square Neptune – 19th June 2023 04:54 BST

Jupiter sextile Saturn – 19th June 2023 16:53 BST

Moon enters Leo – 20th June 2023 23:04 BST

Sun enters Cancer – 21st June 2023 15:58 BST

Mercury sextile Mars – 21st June 2023 16:23 BST

Mercury sextile Chiron – 22nd June 2023 02:42 BST

Crescent Moon – 22nd June 2023 06:22 BST

Mars trine Chiron – 23rd June 2023 04:52 BST

Moon enters Virgo – 23rd June 2023 11:35 BST

Mercury square Neptune – 25th June 2023 23:36 BST

Moon enters Libra – 25th June 2023 23:57 BST

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