5 Tips For Cultivating A Daily Mind, Body, Spirit & Style Practice

The Mind, Body, Spirit & Style practice is a collection of personal daily rituals to help us connect more deeply with ourselves so that we can enhance our overall experience of life.

As the title suggests it is where we cultivate practices that supports us mentally, physically and spiritually, whilst also honouring our true identity through our own personal style. As we are multifaceted beings, this is important as it allows us to take a holistic approach to our personal growth and sustainability.

Although cultivating a daily Mind, Body, Spirit & Style practice has many important benefits, it is particularly useful in enhancing our Health & Wellbeing. Not only is this facet crucial for our survival, but it is also plays a vital role in the quality in which we experience life. The better we feel mentally, physically and spiritually the better our experiences become.

A daily practice can also help us to connect on a deeper level with our Spirit & Soul, which in turn helps us to develop a stronger sense of self. When we are able to accept and appreciate who we really are, then our inner conflict is minimised and we are able to live life in a more fulfilling way.

Another benefit of having a Mind, Body, Spirit & Style practice is that it can help us to cope with any challenges that come up. This is because the more connected we are to ourselves the easier it is to find solace and of course solutions. When we are disconnected from self, our perspectives tend to be more limiting and our ability to cope with conflict greatly reduced because we lack the trust and belief in ourselves to create a better outcome.

However, it’s not just about what we may be dealing with in the present, it is also about preparing us for future challenges too. When we regularly nourish each part of ourselves we create a more stable foundation in which to experience our lives from. This means that when things happen further down the line they have less of an impact, because we now know that we have the tools and inner power to overcome them.

Goddess Guidance

Below are some tips for getting started with creating your own Mind, Body, Spirit & Style practice.

1. Determine what you want from your practice

Before you can begin to create a daily practice it is important to work out exactly what you want from it first. You don’t have to look too hard to find ideas of what rituals to implement but if you are not clear about why you are doing them then you won’t get the benefits. Think about how you want to feel and how you want your practice to support your life.

2. Honour each part of yourself daily

One of the main purposes of this practice is to create an approach that enables you to benefit holistically. This is important as many of us have a tendency to focus more on certain aspects of ourselves than others. Whilst it is unlikely that you’ll be able to dedicate equal amounts of time and energy to all parts of self, it is important that you don’t neglect the others completely. Try to implement at least one thing a day for each aspect, even if it is small. If you can add more than great.

3. Be disciplined with your practice but flexible with your methods

Although you should aim to do your practice daily, it doesn’t have to be the same every time you do it. Each day is different and you yourself will differ depending on what’s going on in your life at the time. There will be days when you’ll be pushed for time and energy and so you’ll need to adapt your practice to fit accordingly. Sometimes, you just have to go with the intention that you’ll keep it organic and go with what feels right for you at the time. Remember, your practice is meant to support and nourish you and not end up as another to-do on your list, so take the pressure off and allow yourself some flexibility.

4. Choose quality over quantity

There can be a tendency to think that we need to create an elaborate practice packed with as many nourishing activities as possible if we want to reap the benefits. Whilst it can be tempting to try and implement an array of rituals into your day, sometimes that is just not possible or even necessary. Having a simple yet consistent practice is far more beneficial than trying to cram everything in. If you only have a few minutes for each section then be ok with that and give thanks that you have a full life. Be present in each one knowing that you are topping yourself up with exactly what you need.

5. Be fully present

Remember to be mindful and intentional with the rituals you decide to implement. The whole point of having a practice is to be able to find peace and fulfilment in the here and now. However, sometimes we can be so focussed on the ‘doing’ that we forget about the actual ‘being’ and rush through without being fully present. The beauty is in the process, so make sure you don’t miss it by focussing too much on reaching the end goal.

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There are so many rituals you can bring into your practice. Below are a few that we love to implement:

  • Affirmations: We all have limiting thoughts and beliefs that can hold us back from creating and experiencing a life that we love. However, using positive affirmations on a daily basis can be an amazing tool for nourishing our minds for success and cultivating a Goddess Mindset.
  • Hydration: Making sure that you are properly hydrated (with water of course) is a must. Dehydration not only negatively impacts our physical body, but it also has an adverse affect on our mental and emotional bodies too, making it harder for us to sustain optimal holistic wellness. Plus, don’t forget that we are made up of mostly water ourselves.
  • Meditation: Making time for silence, solitude and stillness so that we can breathe and be in the moment is a great way of creating inner peace, clarity and control. It also helps us to connect more deeply with our own intuition too.
  • Gratitude: It can be easy for our challenges to take centre stage in our lives, regardless of all of the great things that we have going on. However, spending time each day to focus on our current blessings can help us to change our perspectives and transform our more negative narratives to ones of abundance and joy.
  • Journalling: Writing out how we are feeling is a great way of connecting to ourselves on a deeper level so that we can identify our true needs and desires. It also allows us to get out of our own heads and acknowledge anything that is hurting us, so that we can begin to work towards healing mentally and emotionally.
  • Adornments: Whether it’s with nourishing creams, clothes, jewels or scents, adorning our bodies is a powerful way to enhance the connection we have to our true authentic selves. Remember though, the power of this lies in the ability to do it mindfully and intentionally.
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