The Importance of Goddess Goals

Whilst we may never be able to find the definitive purpose of life, having a truly wonderful experience of it is surely part of the master plan. However, as I’m sure you’re aware, plans don’t always run smoothly and when it comes to living our lives we don’t always follow our unique internal blueprint, which can leave us feeling unfulfilled within.

Inside each of us lay an abundance of unique needs and desires that when fulfilled contribute to our overall happiness and contentment, i.e. living the Goddess lifestyle. But in order for us to get to this level of authentic living we need to actively go out and make things happen. This means we have to make setting and attaining goals an important practice within our lives!

Depending on your own flavour of uniqueness, the idea of setting goals may not always sound like fun, especially as mindfulness and learning to live in the moment are also big factors of the Goddess lifestyle. But goals can be great for us, wonderful in fact, well… just as long as they are ours and nobody else’s.

Let’s face it, we are constantly bombarded (sometimes even brainwashed) with ideal aspirations of what we should be aiming for in life, many of which can sound very appealing. On some level they can give us a temporary fix if reached, but unless they really resonate within then they can’t sustain us long term. You see Goddess, there are goals and then there are #GoddessGoals…

A Goddess goal is a desire or intention thats purpose is to enhance your life in a way that resonates with your true authentic self as opposed to one that just fits in with the norm or the opinions of others. Its end result should be something that adds to YOUR true happiness and fulfilment in some way.

Now that is not to say that every goal has to be momentous or life-changing. After all, goals come in all shapes and sizes, from the small yet satisfying, to the more expansive enlightening ones. But whether they are big or small they can all play a significant part in both our happiness and experience of life.

As well as helping us manifest our desires into reality, Goddess goals can also help us grow and expand on a personal level. Depending on the magnitude of the intention set, fulfilling our goals often requires us to step out of our comfort zones and into something unknown and a little scary.

This means that in order to succeed we are forced to push through and overcome any obstacles and personal boundaries in our way. By doing so our levels of comfort and ability naturally expand, creating growth and a sense of accomplishment and purpose. Who doesn’t want to feel that, right? So to help you get started here’s a little Goddess guidance from us…

1. Focus on each facet of your life

As multidimensional Goddesses it can be easy to get overwhelmed and even a little confused about all of the things that we actually want to achieve. Even though our lives are made up of a number of different areas, there can be a tendency to focus on the same things over and over again. This means that even if we are achieving great things (woohoo) we are not able to feel completely fulfilled. However, by breaking things down into specific facets (aka Jewel of Life style) we are able to give each area the attention and focus it needs, so that we can feel accomplished and purposeful within our life as a whole.

2. Keep it authentic

Now that you have defined the different facets you want to work on it’s time to actually create your Goddess goals. This might sound obvious (I’ll say it anyway) but the first step is to really connect with what it is you want. It’s so easy to get caught up in the opinions or desires of others that we dismiss our own inner needs. If you’re unsure start by asking yourself what would make you feel really happy. Think about why this is important to you and how achieving it will enhance your life.

3. Be bold with your goals, but realistic with your resources

Ok, so this might sound a little bit contradictory, so let me explain… By bold, I mean don’t settle for safe if there is something that you truly want to manifest in your life. Those deep inner desires are there for a reason and by ignoring them we may be rejecting a very valid part of who we are. By realistic, I mean give yourself a chance to make things happen. We can have a tendency to be too hard on ourselves and expect things to just happen almost overnight, but that’s just not realistic. We won’t always have the resources that are going to propel us forward at the speed or comfort we want, so we have to learn to work with what we have. If you’re going to push yourself make sure it’s your enthusiasm and not your sanity!

4. Superficial goals are allowed

For those of us who identify with being on a spiritual path, the idea of goals and ambitions can feel a little conflicting, especially when they are more of the material type. But we are living in a material world and it is more than ok to be a material girl as long as the end result makes you feel truly happy and content and basically enhances your experience of life in some way.

Jewel Kit Recommendations:

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Below are some suggestions to implement to help you achieve your Goddess goals:

  • Affirmations: “I am creating my dream life”, “I let go of the opinions of others. I know what is best for me”
  • Crystals: Yellow Calcite for confidence and to help you tap into your personal power. Carnelian to enhance creativity and passion. Aquamarine for courage and serenity.
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