The Jewel of Life

Balance & Bliss

“Shine bright”

The Jewel of Life is our unique self-growth system that is designed to help you create more balance, bliss and brilliance into every facet of your life. It works by combining a process of self-exploration and aligned action so that you can discover your true authentic needs and desires and intentionally create a life that resonates within.

The Facets:

Below are all of the facets in our Jewel of Life system, including their core lesson…

Recommended Resources

Below are some of our favourite resources for getting started with the Jewel of Life system…

Working with the Jewel of Life

The Core Lessons of Self

The importance of giving yourself permission

Dull, bright or brilliant: How to measure the facets of your life using our Brilliance Scale

Reflect, Release, Renew, Ritual & Review: Our 5-step process for working with the facets

Goddess Gift:

The Jewel of Life Starter Kit. Click here to download