The 9 To Shine – January 2021


Welcome to The 9 to Shine, our monthly blog series where we share some of our favourite jewels of wisdom for creating more balance, bliss and brilliance. Each month we curate a collection of 9 tried and tested tips, tool’s and to-do’s to help you and your life shine even brighter.

Here’s this month’s 9 to Shine…

The 9 To Shine January 2021

1. Discover the Jewel of Life

The Jewel of Life is our unique self-growth tool to help you create more balance, bliss and brilliance within every facet of your life. It combines a process of self-exploration and aligned action to help you connect with yourself at a deeper and more authentic level, so that you can create a life that you truly love. Click here to check out our resource hub and get started.

2. Create a daily Mind, Body, Spirit & Style practice

A Mind, Body, Spirit and Style practice is a set of daily non-negotiable, but easy to implement rituals that honour every part of yourself. Its purpose is to help you to connect mentally, physically and spiritually whilst celebrating your true identity through your own personal style. Take a look at our blog post on how you can create your own daily Mind, Body, Spirit & Style practice.

3. Start a journal writing practice

Journalling is a practice of writing out our thoughts, emotions and ideas without censorship or editing, and is another great tool for self-growth and transformation. It helps us to connect with our true feelings, beliefs and desires so that we can find a deeper understanding of who we are and where we are at. All you need to get started is a pen and paper.

4. Journal prompt: What does it really mean to find balance, bliss and brilliance in the facet of Spirit & Soul?

The facet of Spirit & Soul is all about self-acceptance and honouring our true authentic selves. Take time this month to journal and explore what it means to create a sense of harmony, happiness and fulfilment within this area of life. 

5. Work with Amethyst

Amethyst is a spiritually protective stone that helps us to open up the third eye chakra and connect to our intuition at a deeper level. This is a great stone to work with during meditation or any other spiritual practice, as it not only purifies negative energy, but it also helps to calm the mind and open up our psychic gifts.

6. Focus on what you need to add instead of subtract

If you are struggling to create a new habit, try focussing more on what you need to add, rather than take away. Releasing and letting go is often a process that takes time, so give yourself some grace and patience whilst you adjust. We have limited capacity so the more of the good stuff you add, eventually the less space you’ll have for the bad.

7. Create a vision board

A vision board is a visual collage of inspiring images and text that relate to our goals and dreams. Our imaginations are powerful and having a visual reminder of our intentions can help us connect with them on a much deeper level. When you are creating your vision board, choose images and words that not only represent what you want, but also invoke how you want to feel. 

8. Affirmation: ‘I give myself permission to truly be me’ 

Spend a few minutes each day repeating the affirmation to yourself. As you say the words, notice any thoughts or feelings that come up for you. Become aware of how they make you feel in your mind, body and spirit. Allow yourself to explore how it feels and what it really means to give yourself permission to truly be you.

*This affirmation was taken from the Permission Affirmation Card deck. Download your free printable copy here.

9. Start a joy jar

A joy jar is a place to store a record of the things that have brought you a sense of happiness or accomplishment. It can be easy to forget about all the good things we experience which is why it is great practice to start writing them down. Fill your joy jar up with things that have created joy in your life such as memories made or goals completed, and then at the end of the year take them out and read them back to yourself. 

If you are looking for some extra guidance and support on your self-growth journey, then come check out Jewel, our membership club for women who want to create more balance, bliss & brilliance within every facet of their lives. Find out more here.

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