Reconnecting With Your Inner Goddess After The Festive Period

Now that all the festive fun is over, I’m sure you are raring to kickstart the new year. But in order for you to have the clarity, focus and energy that you need to make those Goddess goals a reality, you have to make sure you’re topped up Mind, Body, Spirit and Style.

Christmas may seem like a distant memory, but for many of us, the after effects of our festive over-indulgence lingers on way into the month of January. Whilst the ‘eat, drink and be merry’ approach was a good idea at the time, it can certainly take its toll on our bodies (and subsequently mind, spirit and style), making us feel sluggish, unmotivated and generally not very Goddess like at all.

So how do we get back on track to inner-Goddessness? Well, maybe it’s because we’re in #CapricornSeason, but I believe in implementing small and steady steps when trying to achieve something new. I’m sure with the start of the new year you have many things on your list of intentions, and whilst I am not saying you can’t do them, I am suggesting that you don’t try to do it all at once.

Remember: “We can do anything, but not everything” 

Usually when we are trying to do too much we get overwhelmed and we either give up or don’t start at all. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Make a commitment to yourself to start implementing a few simple, but effective rituals that will set you off on the right track. Here are a few easy and manageable tips that I think you’ll love.

1. Get outside and walk

Yes, it may be cold, freezing in fact (depending on where you are located of course), but it’s so important to get fresh air and get the body moving. Not only is walking one of the easiest forms of exercise it is one of the best and it costs you nothing! Words you definitely want to hear in January! Walking is so empowering, plus you get to take in all the elements and connect with nature. It doesn’t get more Goddess-like than that!

2. Drink plenty of water

For many of us, Christmas and its lead up is a time of great indulgence. As much as I love a bit of the H2O I know that it definitely takes a backseat over the festive period. Water is an absolute must to keep the body healthy, as it not only hydrates us (don’t forget we are mainly water ourselves), but it also helps rid the body of toxins and waste. It is even more important when we need to detox from excess and over consumption. To make sure you are drinking enough of the good stuff, make habit of recording your intake. I’m not usually one for guilt tripping, but it can be a nice gentle nudge (ahem reminder) to drink up!

3. Eat a healthier diet

I know, I know, with all of those boxes of chocolates lying around (5 and counting) it’s hard to avoid temptation. I often find in this area it’s better to look at what you can add, not what to take away. When you start to eat well, you feel good and you tend to not want to eat the bad stuff as much anyway. How can you start to add more nutritious food into your daily diet? What prep do you need to do beforehand to avoid reaching for the biscuit tin?

4. Get enough sleep

It’s really easy to get into bad habits over the festive period, especially when there is so much going on. With all the late nights and not-so-healthy diets, our sleep patterns tend to go a bit crazy. Although it can be difficult to get back into our usual routine, we really need to, as sleep helps our bodies and minds rejuvenate and give us the energy we need to get through each day. If you know what time you need to be in bed by, then make sure you give yourself plenty of time beforehand to get ready for your trip to the land of nod. One of the reasons we tend to lack sleep is because we need to wind down. Try to avoid stimulants such as caffeine, TV, laptops and phones (yes, that includes social media) for at least an hour or so before bedtime.

5. Pamper your body

Feeling good starts from within and when we take the time to pamper ourselves we are informing that nagging critical voice in our head that we are indeed worth it! Whether it’s a long soak in the bath with your new bath salts or relaxing with a face and body mask, give yourself permission to treat yourself to some much needed ‘you time’. This is an area where you can definitely be indulgent! You are a Goddess after all!

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Below are some suggestions of things to implement to help you reconnect to your inner Goddess after a little over-indulgence:

  • Affirmations: “I make small but powerful choices that support my body and wellbeing” & “I love how I feel when I take good care of myself”
  • Create a H20 checklist to help you keep on track of your daily water intake.
  • Crystals: Amethyst is a great stone to aid in the detox process.
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