Astro Jewels: Weekly Horoscope 24th July 2023 – 30th July 2023

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On Tuesday the 25th July, the Moon moves into the sign of passionate Scorpio, where it forms a square to the Sun in equally passionate Leo. Although, this could help ignite some sparks of desire and drive, this could also potentially provoke feelings of pride and stubbornness. Especially if we feel that our needs or wants aren’t being met, or even being heard! 

A few hours later we officially enter the First Quarter phase of the lunar cycle, where the Sun/Moon square reaches exactitude, and you may find the tension intensifies. This is the time to look at the intentions that you set at the beginning of the cycle and to take some significant steps towards fulfilling them. 

Mercury the planet of ideas and communication joins up with Venus the planet of love and relationships, on the 27th July. As Venus is now retrograde, there is an opportunity to reflect on what ideas you hold around your relationships, what you truly value within them and whether or not they are currently holding up to your needs and expectations.

The following day, on the 28th July, the Moon enters adventurous Sagittarius. This transit will start off by forming a free flowing fire trine to the Sun in Leo, giving us a boost of energy and enthusiasm.

Much later that day, Mercury enters its home sign of Virgo, giving us all a more analytical view on our ideas and how we communicate. If you have projects or tasks that require a more methodical approach or a greater eye for details, then this energy is perfect for that.

On the 29th July we enter the Gibbous phase of the lunar cycle, inviting us to evaluate our progress so far. 

Then finally on the 30th of July the Moon enters Capricorn, giving us more stamina to do the practical work that our ideas and intentions require. 

With Love
Eula xxx

Key Dates For Your Cosmic Calendar

Moon enters Scorpio – 25th July 2023 17:55 BST

Delve deep to find the answers you are looking for.

First Quarter Moon – 25th July 2023 23:06 BST

Take aligned action towards your intentions. Tension may test you.

Mercury conjunct Venus – 27th July 2023 16:15 BST

Reflect on your ideas and values around love and relationships.

Moon enters Sagittarius – 28th July 2023 01:23 BST

Expect a boost to your energy and enthusiasm.

Mercury enters Virgo – 28th July 2023 22:31 BST

Take a practical and methodical approach to your ideas and communication style.

Gibbous Moon – 29th July 2023 14:01 BST

Evaluate your progress so far. Refine, release and repeat.

Moon enters Capricorn – 30th July 2023 04:44 BST

A strategic approach to your goals and intentions will provide stamina.

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