Astro Jewels: Weekly Horoscope 11th September 2023 – 17th September 2023

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We have a New Moon on the 15th September when the luminaries connect up in the sky by conjunction initiating the start of the new lunar cycle. The New Moon phase generally has a concentrated energy around it that connects us deeply to our innate needs and creative impulses. It’s a time where we get to feel into the possibilities and potentials for our lives on an instinctive level.

In Virgo, it is likely that themes around creating more order and efficiency in our lives, as well as the ways we show up and be of service to ourselves and others will be top of the list. 

This one involves the Sun and Moon forming a close trine with Uranus, the planet of innovation and originality, which could create an even stronger connection to your unique needs and wants.

You may find that ideas and insights around revolutionising your life are particularly potent at this time. Although New Moons aren’t always the best time to set concrete intentions or move forward with action, there is a practical and productive energy around this one that helps to make our big goals feel more achievable. 

Mercury also stations direct on this day, ending its current retrograde cycle. Over the past few weeks the planet of ideas and communication has been moving backwards in zodiacal degrees through its home sign of Virgo. 

Mercury retrogrades can bring up underlying issues but they can also bring up solutions too. During this time we’ve been invited to reflect and review the results of the ways we currently think and communicate, so we can refine our approach moving forward.   

Although Mercury will now be direct, it will be in its post-retrograde shadow period until the 30th September, so be open to further insight or invocation up until this point.

With Love
Eula xxx

Key Dates For Your Cosmic Calendar

Moon enters Virgo – 13th September 2023 06:18 BST

Be of service to yourself through rituals and routines that enhance your self-care.

New Moon in Virgo – 15th September 2023 02:40 BST

Connect with your needs and wants, especially around creating order and efficiency, and providing service to yourself and others.

Moon enters Libra – 15th September 2023 18:44 BST

Weigh up the options but don’t let indecision confuse you. You don’t have to act right now. 

Mercury goes direct – 15th September 2023 21:32 BST

Move forward with a new and improved mindset. Focus on what actually brings results.

Sun trine Uranus – 16th September 2023 02:23 BST

Have the confidence to tap into what makes you uniquely you. Get good with your greatness.

Venus square Jupiter – 17th September 2023 07:10 BST

Scratch the creative itch. Be mindful of any overindulgence. 

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