Astro Jewels: Moon In Pisces 30th August 2023 – 1st September 2023

The Moon will be in Pisces between the 30th August 2023 14:56 BST – 1st September 2023 14:25 BST.

Transit Themes

  • Feeling super sensitive
  • Wanting to escape
  • Needing perfection
  • Being conflicted between your ideals and your reality
  • Feeling extra creative
  • Having more compassion and care
  • Feeling confused or conflicted
  • Expanded emotions

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You may be feeling extra sensitive over the next few days, as the Moon flows through the receptive sign of Pisces.

It’s likely that your intuition will be heightened at this time, giving you the opportunity to connect in deeper with what you need at a core level. 

It could also help you to have a greater understanding of the needs of others, which could be useful in navigating any current conflicts with those around you. 

However, your extra sensitivity means that you are likely to be more absorbent. And too much exposure to the energies of others could end up creating confusion and symptoms of emotional and physical burnout. Especially if you are unable to distinguish what is and isn’t yours.

It’s important to take precautions to protect and preserve your energy at this time. Allowing yourself some boundaries from the outside world, especially by escaping into your inner sanctum, could be really beneficial right now. 

During this transit we have a Full Moon, as lunar opposes the Sun in Virgo. This phase of the cycle is a time of illumination and fulfilment, so be open to what is being shown to you. 

The Virgo/Pisces axis deals with the relationship between our mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing, so if there are any imbalances now is the time to analyse where you need to improve things. 

It also deals with our relationship between service and sacrifice and how we need to give and receive in a healthy way in order to truly function in the world.

With Love
Eula xxx

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