The Challenge of Change

Change is an inevitable part of life for all of us, but for those who have chosen to walk down the Goddess path it is truly an essential one.

Real significant change usually comes to us in one of two ways. Either we seek it out because we desire things in our lives to be different somehow, or we’re forced into it through external circumstances out of our control. And sometimes when we’ve been stagnant on taking the first steps ourselves, the universe will just step in and push us.

For the purpose of this post I am going to assume that personal transformation is something you have chosen to embrace, (universal push or not), but whichever method leads you onto the path of change there are two things that are sure to be true:

1. You’re going to do a whole lot of growing along the way.

2. It probably won’t be easy, even if you did start the ball rolling yourself.

For some reason we like to think of the process of positive change as this silky smooth transition of personal transformation, and if there’s any bumps in the road we assume that it’s because we are not doing it right. But the truth is, it just isn’t like that.

Change and transformation can be really uncomfortable and damn right confusing. It can be a rollercoaster of emotions, where one minute we can feel like we are winning triumphantly and the next failing miserably, leaving us feeling lost, uncertain and a little crazy.

When we are going through a period of change there’s a tendency to think that it’s one blissful forward motion to success, when in actual fact it’s usually a series of peaks, dips, backs, forths, momentum and stagnation, leaving us feeling like we are not getting anywhere fast…

Or at least that is what it may seem like on a surface level. Because even if things aren’t going in the steady forward route to success as planned, there is sure to be a lot of underlying wins going on underneath the chaos. In fact, success is often more about overcoming the obstacles than the final transformation itself.

It is usually through our most challenging and sometimes painful times that we truly grow on a personal level. This is because we are outgrowing parts of the old self and shedding layers of emotional baggage and limiting beliefs that no longer serve us. Emotional growing pains are therefore a normal part of the process. I believe it’s so important to recognise this because so many of us give up and surrender to the discomfort, as we feel we are either on the wrong path or that it’s just too difficult to make it through the other side. But by ditching the plan we will remain stuck and stagnant, which in the long run is far worse.

Instead we need to acknowledge the difficulties with open arms. When the challenges arise and the emotions bubble, we have to learn to ride through them with the faith that we will come out stronger and better the other side. We have to acknowledge the challenges, acknowledge the pain and acknowledge what they mean and where they came from.

We live in a time where entertaining any type of negative emotions is almost frowned upon. We’re encouraged to push instead of flow, and so when the negative feelings begin to surface we try to squeeze them down and ignore them, instead of acknowledging their existence and allowing them to rise to a level where they can be actively dealt with. It’s important to remember that they exist for a reason and so instead of feeling defeated by them, use them as an opportunity to learn, grow and of course transform.

There are going to be times when we think we have fully integrated the change we seek, only for life to come and politely (or not) remind us that we’re not quite there yet, and that is ok. Don’t be disheartened or feel that you aren’t doing enough, because regardless of how long the process takes overall, transformation always happens in stages, (hence the previously mentioned roller coaster effect).

Just by starting out on the journey of transformation you are already winning and every single step you take towards making positive changes in your life is something to be very proud of. You’ve totally got this Goddess!

Goddess Guidance

Below are 3 quick tips to remember when working on any type of transformation:

1. Accept it will be difficult, but it will be worth it

2. Honour your feelings, and use them to guide you forward

3. Celebrate your growth, even if it’s been challenging or painful

Jewel Kit Recommendations:

Every Goddess needs a Jewel Kit of tools to keep them shining bright.
Below are some suggestions to implement to help you on your journey of personal transformation:

  • Affirmations: “The more obstacles I face, the stronger I become”, “I am transforming into my best self”
  • Crystals: Rose Quartz to help lovingly accept necessary change. Yellow Calcite for confidence and to help you tap into your personal power.
  • A transformation tracker where you can record your progress, review your Goddess goals and connect with your emotions.
If you are looking for some extra guidance and support on your self-growth journey, then come check out Jewel, our membership club for women who want to create more balance, bliss & brilliance within every facet of their lives. Find out more here.

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