Astro Jewels: Your 2023 Cancer Season Summary

Cancer Season

Cancer Season will be taking place between 21st June 2023 15:57 BST – 23rd July 2023 02:50 BST.

When the Sun moves through a sign, it shines a light on how its inherent themes play out within our lives. The Sun represents our energy and personal power and provides an opportunity to take an active role in fulfilling our potential in whatever it touches.

Themes for Cancer season will be around our:

  • Home and family life
  • Sense of safety and security, both physically and emotionally
  • Emotions, intuition and sensitivity to the energies around us
  • Self-care and how we nurture ourselves and others
  • Past wounds and present healing 
  • Tenacity and staying power

Welcome to Cancer Season!

Over the next few weeks the Sun will be shining its light on our home and family life, urging us to cultivate spaces and relationships with our nearest and dearest that feel safe and nourishing. 

The theme of safety and security are always big concerns when it comes to the sign of Cancer, whether that is physically or emotionally. So during this time, you may find yourself double checking the locks to your doors, accounts and your heart space. 

This sign has an inbuilt, often intuitive safety system that can put us on high alert if we feel we need to protect ourselves and the things and people we care about most. Whilst this can provide protection from any potential threats, it can also potentially shut us out from receiving what we need from external sources.

The key is to cultivate protective practices that keep us safe, but still enable us to operate in the outside world. Although this can be a great time for inward retreat, we don’t have to permanently reside there so to speak. Boundaries bring blessings and this is a good time to reassess the parameters. 

Cancer is an intuitive sign that is deeply sensitive and highly attuned to our emotions. This can be another reason why its energy can have us crawling into our shells if things just feel too much. But it’s important to remember the power that comes from honouring and harnessing how we feel. 

Because of Cancers connection to our lineage and the past, you may find old unresolved issues come up for you during this time, especially from things around your childhood or things that concern your inner child and any wounding they received.

However, there is great potential here for much healing, if you allow yourself to honour your feelings and forgive yourself about what you have been holding onto over the years. Nurturing your inner child at this time and providing them the care and comfort they didn’t receive could prove to be so powerful. As well as finding ways to sooth and create solace, ask yourself, what would ignite their creative spark and what would bring them joy.   

This can also be very much a time of reminiscing on fond memories too and reconnecting with the good old times and the people you may have lost contact with.

Cancer has a caring nature that wants to connect and form deep bonds, and so this would be a great time for organising get togethers with family and friends. Just be sure to make it comfy and cosy.

Key Dates For Your Cosmic Calendar

Sun enters Cancer – 21st June 15:57 BST

Mercury enters Cancer – 27th June 01:24 BST

Neptune goes retrograde – 30th June 22:06 BST

Full Moon in Capricorn – 3rd July 12:38 BST

Mercury enters Leo – 11th July 05:11 BST

New Moon in Cancer – 17th July 19:32 BST

Venus goes retrograde – 23rd July 02:33 BST

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