Astro Jewels: Weekly Horoscope 4th September 2023 – 10th September 2023

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We enter into the week with Venus, the planet of love and relationships finally stationing direct. Venus has been retrograde since the 23rd July, although you may have been feeling the effect since late June when it first entered its pre-shadow period. 

During this time what we love and value would have been up for review, and you may have found questions around your close relationships coming up for you to consider. Venus being in Leo puts a spotlight on how much we feel appreciated. When retrograde, it is there to teach us the value of being valued. 

As Venus now moves forward in confident Leo, it invites us to also move forward with courage in our convictions to know our worth, and to let go with love, anything that makes us feel less than.   

A few hours later Jupiter stations retrograde, where it will now move backwards in zodiacal degrees until the 30th December 2023. During this time we will be invited to reflect on the visions we hold for our lives, and reassess what it truly means in tangible terms to live fully. 

This is a time to look at how steady the structures of our big goals are and how deliberate we are actually being towards building our dreams. Vision takes imagination, but the reality of it requires real practical steps.

With Love
Eula xxx

Key Dates For Your Cosmic Calendar

Venus goes direct – 4th September 2023 02:20 BST

Move forward with courage with what you have learned about love and value, especially within your relationships.

Mercury trine Jupiter – 4th September 2023 11:29 BST

Expand your approach around thinking about your big ideas and the vision you hold for your life.

Jupiter goes retrograde – 4th September 2023 15:11 BST

Reflect on what it really means to live life fully. How deliberate are you when it comes to your goals?

Moon enters Gemini – 5th September 2023 21:06 BST

Stay curious to learning about the realities of actually making your dreams a reality. 

Sun conjunct Mercury – 6th September 2023 12:09 BST

Embrace your true self with confidence. Allow your unique gifts to be of service to the world.

Last Quarter Moon – 6th September 2023 23:21 BST

Seek closure. Be willing to adapt to find it.

Moon enters Cancer – 8th September 2023 06:00 BST

Re-oragnise your home space. What systems would cultivate more inner and outer safety?

Sun trine Jupiter – 8th September 2023 12:13 BST

Reconnect with your big goals and remind yourself it’s possible. Put together a practical plan.

Moon enters Leo – 10th September 2023 17:36 BST

Practice stepping into your personal power. Affirmations and mirror work for the win!

Balsamic Moon – 10th September 2023 23:34 BST

Acknowledge what is holding you back from fulfilling your potential and commit to letting go with love. 

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