Astro Jewels: Weekly Horoscope 21st August 2023 – 27th August 2023

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Things may start off slowly, but we’ve got some big cosmic changes taking place this week.

On Wednesday we finally say goodbye to Leo season as the Sun starts its monthly long journey through the sign of Virgo. This year Virgo Season will run until the 23rd September, offering us the opportunity to tap into our potential around our work, wellness and routines. 

Where Leo Season invited us to serve our highest selves, the Virgo vibe is more about how we can be of service to other people. However, it is important to not lose the lessons of Leo self-preservation. 

If that wasn’t enough big Virgo action for the day, Mercury, the planet of ideas and communication begins its latest retrograde adventure, which will last until the 15th September.

Whilst it’s not uncommon to expect issues around communication and sometimes technology, (if Uranus is involved}, Mercury retrograde offers us so much more than just delays and disputes. It is a time where we can reflect, reassess and renew, ready to move forward in a better way. 

With Love
Eula xxx

Key Dates For Your Cosmic Calendar

Moon enters Scorpio – 22nd August 2023 00:22 BST

Trust your feelings but don’t let self-preservation stop you from shining.

Venus square Jupiter – 22nd August 2023 13:16

Unresolved relationship issues may be expanded.

Mars opposite Neptune – 22nd August 2023 21:33 BST

Stick to what is practical and don’t force the flow.

Sun enters Virgo – 23rd August 2023 10:01 BST

The spotlight is on your work, wellbeing and routines. Let practicality produce your potential.

Mercury goes retrograde – 23rd August 2023 20:59 BST

Reflect on your communication and learning style. How can you be more efficient in both?

Moon enters Sagittarius – 24th August 2023 09:07 BST

Have faith and trust your big vision. 

First Quarter Moon – 24th August 2023 10:57 BST

Take a big leap, but just double check your safety net first.

Mars trine Pluto – 25th August 2023 01:22 BST

Have the courage to make practical changes that will transform your life.

Moon enters Capricorn – 26th August 2023 14:05 BST

Focus on building both your outer resources and your inner reserves.

Sun opposite Saturn – 27th August 2023 09:28 BST

Take responsibility to show up as you and for you.

Mars enters Libra – 27th August 2023 14:19 BST

Fight for what you believe in.

Gibbous Moon – 27th August 2023 22:18 BST

Limit your focus to expand your growth. 

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