Astro Jewels: Moon In Virgo 31st December 2023 – 3rd January 2024

The Moon will be in Virgo between the 31st December 2023 11:53 GMT – 3rd January 2024 00:46 GMT.

Transit Themes

  • Feeling extra critical
  • Needing to feel grounded
  • Wanting to restructure
  • Honouring boundaries
  • Feeling more focussed
  • Taking a practical approach
  • Analysing and refining action
  • Being more adaptable

You may be feeling the need to be more grounded over the next few days, as the Moon moves through the practical sign of Virgo.

People are likely to be looking back at their lives and focussing on how they can build better structures to support them going forward. 

You may experience some conflict within your relationships at this time, especially if others are disrespecting your need for boundaries or opposing the intentions you hold for yourself.  

You may also find yourself or others being extra picky or critical, which could create further irritation. However, there is an opportunity for harmony if people are willing to look beyond themselves and be less rigid in what they believe to be right.

We will remain in the Disseminating phase throughout this period, which invites us to continue refining our ideas and action steps based on what we now know.

You know what’s right for you, so trust your inner knowing then strategise the perfect plan to execute. 

With Love
Eula xxx

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