Astro Jewels: Moon In Leo 8th October 2023 – 10th October 2023

The Moon will be in Leo between the 8th October 2023 00:24 BST – 10th October 2023 13:02 BST.

Transit Themes

  • Feeling flirty and wanting to be adored
  • Being confident and courageous
  • Wanting to socialise
  • Focussing on joy and happiness
  • Wanting to feel loved and loving
  • Being more creative
  • Needing to increase vitality levels
  • Feeling prideful

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You may be feeling more joyful over the next few days, as the Moon moves through the fun loving sign of Leo. 

This is a good time for connecting with others, especially as people are likely to be feeling more sociable at this time. However, with Mars still close to the South Node, you could find that your physical vitality is a little lacking. 

Opting for activities that allow you to experience fun without demanding too much of your energy would be a good use of this energy. And pursuing on creative endeavours could really help you to refuel and reset. 

We will remain in the Last Quarter phase of the cycle throughout this transit, which invites us to focus on creating closure and release what no longer serves our highest good. 

With the Moon in the fixed sign of Leo you may struggle to let go of certain things out of fear of feeling like a failure. But don’t let pride keep you stuck in the past. 

Carefully consider all aspects and allow yourself to take courageous action towards lightening the load, even if letting go scares you. 

With Love
Eula xxx 

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