Astro Jewels: Moon In Aquarius 15th December 2023 – 17th December 2023

The Moon will be in Aquarius between the 15th December 2023 17:56 GMT – 17th December 2023 19:58 GMT.

Transit Themes

  • Seeking freedom
  • Wanting to connect with others
  • Feeling inspired with ideas
  • Sharing ideas
  • Experiencing confusion around your sense of self
  • Being unclear on the details
  • Creative thinking
  • Be more open-minded

You may be feeling the need for freedom over the next few days, as the Moon moves through the independent sign of Aquarius.

Although people are likely to be wanting to connect with others at this time, you may find your energy feeling stifled if you aren’t able to honour your own sense of individuality within group settings. However, with the Sun’s square to Neptune closing in, you could come up against some internal conflict or confusion about what this is. 

Throughout this transit we will be in the Crescent phase of the lunar cycle. This is usually an optimum time for committing to our intentions, but again with the Sun/Neptune square you could feel unclear on the details. 

Just because you don’t have all the answers, it doesn’t mean you can’t move forward. Whilst you might not want to make any big decisions until the energetic fog has lifted, you can still use this time to explore your ideas and think creatively about their future execution. You’ll likely have plenty to choose from right now.

With Love
Eula xxx

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