The Meaning of Zorluna

“Zorluna? I love the name, what does it mean”? is a question I have been asked many times since our launch in 2010 and one that I always love to answer.

Names are powerful and I knew that choosing the right one would be one of the most important decisions I would have to make for my business.

As I was brainstorming ideas I started to think about what I stood for and what my brand values would be. I knew authentic living was at the heart of it and I knew that I wanted something unique that would reflect that. I kept coming back to astrology as not only was it a life long love but I knew that it would feature heavily within our products and services at some point.

I eventually decided on Zorluna which is a play on the word Solunar, meaning Sun (sol) and Moon (lunar).

In astrology the Sun and Moon are the two most important aspects of the birth chart. Whereas the Sun shows how we express ourselves, the Moon deals with our emotions and how we instinctively respond to situations. In fact, many people see the Sun as our spirit and the Moon as our soul.

Even though I had been studying astrology for many years I hadn’t actually heard of the word ‘Solunar’ before, but as soon as I saw it I knew I had to use it somehow. Not only did it have the perfect meaning, it also incorporated my favourite name, Luna.

I started to write out different variations to see how I could make it even more unique and as soon as I wrote down Zorluna I just knew it was the one. It seemed to encompass everything I wanted plus it had an air of the mystical about it which all of my 8th house placements just love!

As time has gone on the Zorluna name has grown to be even more important to the brand than ever before.

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