The Jewel of Life: Introducing The Facet of Money & Finance

The Jewel of Life System Facets: Spirit & Soul, Love & Romance, Money & Finance, Health & Wellbeing, Friends & Family, Fun & Recreation, Career & Business, Environment & Surroundings and Attitude & Gratitude

Money & Finance is a main facet in the Jewel of Life system, which is all about self-worth and creating abundance.

Although many people feel uncomfortable talking about it, money is an important and necessary part of our lives, as it allows us to obtain the things that we need in order to live in today’s world.

Unfortunately, many of us have grown up with either negative or limiting beliefs around money, which often holds us back from seeing what it really is and the real value it can bring to our lives. We have to remember that money is really just an exchange system that we use to access different experiences and as experiences are what make up our lives, it’s ok to want more.

However, this facet is so much more than cold hard cash or numbers on a screen. It’s about being abundant, which means we always have enough to be able to live in alignment with our true authentic selves.

When it comes to addressing our finances we need to be clear about where we are at and where we want to be. So many people (especially women) won’t admit to wanting more money through fear of sounding greedy or materialistic. But money used in a conscious way can bring balance and bliss not just to ourselves but to the world around us.

So Goddess, how do you feel about your money and finances? How would you describe your relationship with money? Do you feel like you never have enough? Are you struggling to pay your bills or do you avoid addressing your money issues?

On the flip side of the coin (pun intended) are you scared of spending or losing money? Are you forever saving and not living? Are you chasing money for money’s sake? What kind of life do you want to live and how much money would you need to live it?

The Jewel of Life Introducing The Facet of Money & Finance. The Facets: Spirit & Soul, Love & Romance, Money & Finance, Health & Wellbeing, Friends & Family, Fun & Recreation, Career & Business, Environment & Surroundings and Attitude & Gratitude

Goddess Guidance

Below are some suggestions to help you gain more clarity and understanding when working with the facet of Money & Finance…

The Facet Audit

Doing an audit is a great way to get started with the Jewel of Life system, so we’ve put together the following questions to help guide you in taking aligned action to achieve your desired goals.

Question 1: How would you currently rate this facet? Dull, bright or brilliant?

Question 2: How do you feel when you think of this facet?

Question 3: What do you want from this facet and why?

Question 4: What can you do to make this facet shine more brilliantly?

You can find more information on using our audit here

Explore The Core Lesson

Every facet of the Jewel of Life system has an associated Core Lesson of Self, which when honoured helps us to create true happiness and fulfilment. The core lesson of Money & Finance is self-worth because when we learn to value ourselves we no longer accept situations that stop us from being abundant.

Money is an energy and like all energy it can be attracted or repelled. If we are constantly thinking that we don’t deserve abundance or are somehow unworthy then it will be much harder to keep it in our lives.

You can explore the lesson of self-worth further here

Give Yourself Permission

Learning to give ourselves permission is a vital part of living the Goddess Lifestyle, so Goddess, how are you going to give yourself permission in the facet of Money & Finance? How are you going to allow yourself to be more abundant? How are you going to permit yourself to demand your worth?

You can find more motivation on how to give yourself permission in this facet here

Keywords & Associations For The Facet of Money & Finance:

Abundance, assets, savings, self-worth, wealth

Jewel Kit Recommendations:

Every Goddess needs a Jewel Kit of tools to keep them shining bright.
Below are some other suggestions for you to implement to help you shine brighter in the facet of Money & Finance:

  • Affirmations: “I am abundant in my money & finances”
  • Crystals: Carnelian enhances our self-worth. Chrysoprase helps open us up to abundance.
Affirmation: I give myself permission to create balance, bliss and brilliance in the facet of Money & Finance

Goddess Gift:

The Jewel of Life Starter Kit. Click here to download
If you are looking for some extra guidance and support on your self-growth journey, then come check out Jewel, our membership club for women who want to create more balance, bliss & brilliance within every facet of their lives. Find out more here.

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