The Jewel of Life: Introducing The Facet of Friends & Family

The Jewel of Life System Facets: Spirit & Soul, Love & Romance, Money & Finance, Health & Wellbeing, Friends & Family, Fun & Recreation, Career & Business, Environment & Surroundings and Attitude & Gratitude

Friends & Family is a main facet in the Jewel of Life system, which is all about self-respect and cultivating healthy relationships.

Life would be nothing without our relationships and our friends and family are some of the most significant ones we have. Not only do they share many of our life experiences, but they also help provide us with love, joy, support and so much more.

However, relationships aren’t always easy, as we have to learn to balance our own personal needs with our nearest and dearest and vice versa. Just like a significant other relationship, time, care and attention are needed to make it work and the more people we have in our lives the harder this can be to navigate.

Although not all relationships are meant to stay in our lives forever, there are some bonds that aren’t so easy to walk away from when things get hard (especially when it comes to family). However, if someone isn’t giving you the respect or support you deserve then maybe you need to readdress how much time, energy and personal information you share with them. After all, the people in our lives should make us feel blessed and not stressed.

So Goddess, are the relationships you have with your friends and family strong and healthy? Do you spend adequate time with the people that matter? How do you feel when you spend time with your friends and family?

Do you feel that your friends and family value your relationship? Do they make time for you or do they let you down if something better comes up? Are they genuinely interested in you and your life or are they only interested in themselves? Do they genuinely support you or is there some underlying competition or envy going on?

What role do you play in your relationships? Do you honestly devote enough time, love and respect to the important people in your life?

The Jewel of Life Introducing The Facet of Friends & Family. The Facets: Spirit & Soul, Love & Romance, Money & Finance, Health & Wellbeing, Friends & Family, Fun & Recreation, Career & Business, Environment & Surroundings and Attitude & Gratitude

Goddess Guidance

Below are some suggestions to help you gain more clarity and understanding when working with the facet of Friends & Family…

The Facet Audit

Doing an audit is a great way to get started with the Jewel of Life system, so we’ve put together the following questions to help guide you in taking aligned action to achieve your desired goals.

Question 1: How would you currently rate this facet? Dull, bright or brilliant?

Question 2: How do you feel when you think of this facet?

Question 3: What do you want from this facet and why?

Question 4: What can you do to make this facet shine more brilliantly?

You can find more information on using our audit here

Explore The Core Lesson

Every facet of the Jewel of Life system has an associated Core Lesson of Self, which when honoured helps us to create true happiness and fulfilment. The core lesson of Friends & Family is self-respect because when we learn to respect ourselves we learn what it truly means to not only give respect but receive it too.

We all have our own set of needs and desires that we wish to be met, however this can sometimes conflict with the needs and desires of those around us. Mutual respect is an important part of any relationship, as it allow both parties to honour themselves whilst also considering the needs of the other person too, thus creating more harmony and happiness.

You can explore the lesson of self-respect further here.

Give Yourself Permission

Learning to give ourselves permission is a vital part of living the Goddess Lifestyle, so Goddess, how are you going to give yourself permission in the facet of Friends & Family?

How are you going to allow yourself to cultivate mutually loving and respectful relationships? How are you going to permit yourself to create happy, healthy boundaries where needed?

You can find more motivation on how to give yourself permission in this facet here.

Keywords & Associations For The Facet of Friends & Family:

Fun, healthy boundaries, love, respect, self-respect, support system

Jewel Kit Recommendations:

Every Goddess needs a Jewel Kit of tools to keep them shining bright.
Below are some other suggestions for you to implement to help you shine brighter in the facet of Friends & Family:

  • Affirmations: “I am surrounded by amazing friends & family”
  • Crystals: Amazonite to aid clear communication. Chrysoprase for compassion and emotional healing.
Affirmation: I give myself permission to create balance, bliss and brilliance in the facet of Friends & Family

Goddess Gift:

The Jewel of Life Starter Kit. Click here to download
If you are looking for some extra guidance and support on your self-growth journey, then come check out Jewel, our membership club for women who want to create more balance, bliss & brilliance within every facet of their lives. Find out more here.

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