The Jewel of Life: Introducing The Facet of Environment & Surroundings

Environment & Surroundings is a main facet in the Jewel of Life system, which is all about self-preservation and creating harmony in our physical spaces.

The places that we spend most of our time in such as our work and home, play a huge role in how we feel and subsequently operate, and so it is important that we create environments that support our wellbeing and happiness.

However, as our spaces are often shared with others it means that the energy that is cultivated will be a culmination of the people in it. This also means that things won’t always feel as harmonious as we would like. Whilst we can’t control the energy of others, we can control our own and so it is important to find ways to create as much peace and serenity for ourselves as possible.

However, our environments aren’t just influenced by the vibration of ourselves and others. The energy of the physical objects found within them also play a vital part too. This is why we need to be intentional with our contents.

It’s easy for our physical possessions to accumulate over time, but if we don’t keep them organised then they can soon turn into clutter, causing us both internal and external chaos. Clutter not only affects our efficiency but also the energy within and around us, which means that it can stop us from receiving anything new into our lives.

When our environments are clutter free and we surrounded with things that make us feel good we raise our personal vibration, which then creates a sense of inner peace and happiness.

So Goddess, how does your environment make you feel? Does the energy feel fresh and light or heavy and stagnant? Do you feel safe in your surroundings or stressed and unstable? How tidy and organised are your physical places? What systems can you put in place to keep things more efficient? How can you add your own personal style to make your surroundings more pleasing?

The Jewel of Life System Facets: Spirit & Soul, Love & Romance, Money & Finance, Health & Wellbeing, Friends & Family, Fun & Recreation, Career & Business, Environment & Surroundings and Attitude & Gratitude

Goddess Guidance

Below are some suggestions to help you gain more clarity and understanding when working with the facet of Environment & Surroundings…

The Facet Audit

Doing an audit is a great way to get started with the Jewel of Life system, so we’ve put together the following questions to help guide you in taking aligned action to achieve your desired goals.

Question 1: How would you currently rate this facet? Dull, bright or brilliant?

Question 2: How do you feel when you think of this facet?

Question 3: What do you want from this facet and why?

Question 4: What can you do to make this facet shine more brilliantly?

You can find more information on using our audit here

Explore The Core Lesson

Every facet of the Jewel of Life system has an associated Core Lesson of Self, which when honoured helps us to create true happiness and fulfilment. The core lesson of Environment & Surrounding is self-preservation because when we learn how to preserve and protect our energy we can prepare ourselves to cope in any environment regardless of how stressful they seem.

You can explore the lesson of self-preservation further here

Give Yourself Permission

Learning to give ourselves permission is a vital part of living the Goddess Lifestyle, so Goddess, how are you going to give yourself permission in the facet of Environment & Surroundings? How are you going to allow yourself to cultivate stress-free spaces? How are you going to permit yourself to let go of the things in your environment that do not serve you?

You can find more motivation on how to give yourself permission in this facet here

Keywords & Associations For The Facet of Environment & Surroundings:

Clutter, decor, energy, home, organisation, release, self-preservation

Jewel Kit Recommendations:

Every Goddess needs a Jewel Kit of tools to keep them shining bright.
Below are some other suggestions for you to implement to help you shine brighter in the facet of Money & Finance:

  • Affirmations: “I have serenity in my environment & surroundings”
  • Crystals: Amethyst for spiritual protection. Aquamarine for calm and serenity
Affirmation: I give myself permission to create balance, bliss and brilliance in the facet of Environment & Surroundings

Goddess Gift:

The Jewel of Life Starter Kit. Click here to download
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