The Importance of Giving Yourself Permission

Whether it is the small day-to-day actions we do or don’t take, or the bigger life decisions we do or don’t make, every choice we choose in life is shaping our realities. On the one hand this is great because it means that we have so much more control over our lives then we sometimes give ourselves credit for… On the other, it means that we really have to step up and show up if we want to live a life that really resonates within.

Because of our strong need as humans to fit in and be accepted we can often allow our choices to be dictated through external factors. This means that instead of acting in alignment from deep within we end up seeking approval and permission outside of ourselves.

As much as this type of social acceptance can give us a feeling of comfort, it cannot take away the sense of inner conflict that comes from not living fully in alignment with our true selves.

The truth is, if we want to live a happy and fulfilling life then we have to live it authentically, and in order to do so we have to stop waiting to be given permission by others and instead learn to grant it to ourselves!

Each of us has so much potential but we often run the risk of stifling it by conforming to what we think we ought to do and be. In a world of rules and regulations, it’s not hard to see where this way of thinking comes from. After all, we do need a certain amount of societal guidelines to keep us safe in the world.

However, there are many unwritten rules that society expects from us when it comes to the right way to do life. These are often based on opinion and fear, and bear no real danger to our survival. Instead they just stunt our personal growth and keep us small.

Now don’t get me wrong, not all fear is bad. In fact we need a level of fear to keep us safe. It’s the fear that keeps us stagnant that we need to be concerned with. The type that allows our true self to take a back seat so that we can feel accepted by others. But to truly live our lives authentically, we have to give ourselves permission to do so on a daily basis and not wait for the green light to be given by somebody else!

The universe is filled with so many wonderful possibilities and opportunities. Just think how rich and fulfilling your experience of life would be if you were to give yourself permission to live it on your own terms!

In order to do this you need to identify…

1. Where you are waiting for permission?

2. Who you are waiting for permission from?

3. Why you are waiting for permission?

4. How you are going to give yourself permission?

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