The 9 To Shine – August 2021

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Welcome to The 9 to Shine, our monthly blog series where we share some of our favourite jewels of wisdom for creating more balance, bliss and brilliance. Each month we curate a collection of 9 tried and tested tips, tool’s and to-do’s to help you and your life shine even brighter.

Here’s this month’s 9 to Shine…

The 9 To Shine August 2021

1. Work with Carnelian

Carnelian is a high vibrational stone that helps to activate the lower chakras (root, sacral and solar plexus) and inspire motivation and creativity. This is a great stone to work with if you are suffering with confidence issues as it helps to instill a sense of self-belief and courage. It is especially useful when working towards personal goals as it can help to open us up to new ideas, as well as give us the confidence needed to pursue them.

2. Create a list of books to read

Reading is a pastime that not only allows us to expand our knowledge and imagination, but is also a great escape from the daily digital distractions that often zap our time and energy. Many of us want to start a reading practice or develop the one we already have, but simply don’t carve out the time to do so. This month start by creating a list of all the books you want to read so it is easier to get going when you have some downtime. 

3. Journal prompt: What does it really mean to give yourself permission to step into your light?

One of the first steps we must take when it comes to creating a life we love is to give ourselves permission to do so. This means allowing ourselves to take up space and stop playing small or hiding in the shadows. Take time this month to journal and explore what it means to give yourself permission to step fully into your light. Think about where in your life you find it easy to shine bright, as well as the ways in which you struggle to.

4. Take a spiritual shower

When it comes to taking care of our energetic hygiene, water is a wonderful tool as it helps to cleanse and revitalise our mind, body and spirit. It can also be easily incorporated into our daily routine through the practice of taking a spiritual shower. As you stand under the shower simply  visualise the water washing away any stagnant or negative energy within and around you. Think about any emotions, beliefs, habits or situations that you would like to let go of and imagine them flowing out of you and being washed down the drain. As you do this practice you may also find it useful to add affirmations that support you, such as, “I let go and release”. 

5. Organise the photos on your phone 

For lots of us, our camera and photo apps are often the most used functions on our smartphones. Whether it’s images of special occasions, random people you can’t even remember, food/drinks, funny memes or screenshot conversations (yes we all do it), our photo galleries can end up taking up too much space on our phones storage. Make some time this month to go through your phone’s photo albums and get rid of anything that you no longer want or need. If there’s images you’d love to print, then put them in a special folder for now until you are able to get them printed.  

6. Start a Pinterest account

Pinterest is a visual search engine that allows you to discover things you love so that you can essentially create a life you love. It is a great place to share and store ideas, put together mood boards for projects and create vision boards to help you manifest your goals. Pinterest is one of our favourite platforms and we love to share tips, tools and resources over on our profile here

7. Host a games night

Games aren’t just for the kids, so if you are looking for an alternative to going out why not host a games night for your friends and family. All you need are some snacks, a selection of fun games and of course enough space to play them. 

8. Have a besties pamper day

Taking time out for a little R&R is a great form of self-care, as is spending quality time with our nearest and dearest, so why not get your BFF’s together for a day of pampering. Whether you hit the spa and book in some of your favourite treatments, or create your own amazing at home experience it will be a day well spent with your besties.       

9. Affirmation: “I give myself permission to shine bright”

Spend a few minutes each day repeating the affirmation to yourself. As you say the words, notice any thoughts or feelings that come up for you. Become aware of how they make you feel in your mind, body and spirit. Allow yourself to explore how it feels and what it really means to give yourself permission to shine bright.

*This affirmation was taken from the Permission Affirmation Card deck. Download your free printable copy here.

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