The 9 To Shine – April 2021


Welcome to The 9 to Shine, our monthly blog series where we share some of our favourite jewels of wisdom for creating more balance, bliss and brilliance. Each month we curate a collection of 9 tried and tested tips, tool’s and to-do’s to help you and your life shine even brighter.

Here’s this month’s 9 to Shine…

The 9 To Shine April 2021

1. Spring clean your life with a Facet Audit

Spring cleaning is a practice that involves a deeper than usual level of cleaning and organising. Although we tend to associate this practice to our physical spaces, it’s important to make time to apply it to all areas of our lives. Our 5-step Reflect, Release, Renew, Ritual and Review process is a great way to spring clean every facet of your life and making it shine a brighter.

2. Find an accountability buddy or group

An accountability buddy or group is a person or people with whom you check in with on a regular basis in relation to accomplishing your goals. The idea is that you share your intentions with each other so that you can then hold each other accountable whilst also offering support and motivation. It can be hard to follow through on some of our goals on our own, but when feel accountable to others we tend to stay more focussed in fulfilling them.

3. Journal prompt: What does it mean to give yourself permission to create a life that you love?

Learning to give yourself permission to live life in a way that feels right to you is an important part of creating a life that you love. Take time this month to journal and explore what the concept of giving yourself permission really means for you and where you find it both easy and challenging.

4. Work with Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is a powerful healing stone that has the ability to connect and rebalance all of the chakras. Due to its ability to amplify energy (including those of other crystals), it is a great all purpose stone that can assist in a number of metaphysical practices, such as holistic healing, meditation, connecting to spirit guides and psychic gifts, intention setting and manifestation, cleansing and rebalancing.  

5. Energetically cleanse your jewellery

Just like us, our jewellery can also pick up on negative energy and so it is important to cleanse them on a regular basis, especially if they contain any crystals or gemstones. You can energetically cleanse them in many different ways, but of course be cautious with certain stones. Some of our favourite and safer options are incense, palo santo, sage, and angelic tuning forks.

6. Create a goal jar

A goal jar is basically a jar filled with all of the goals that you want to achieve. The idea is that each day you randomly pull one goal from the jar and spend a few minutes visualising it being accomplished. All you need to do is write each goal down on a separate piece of paper and then fold it up and place it in the jar. If you’re feeling fancy, add a related affirmation in there too.

7. Affirmation: “I give myself permission to honour the process”

Spend a few minutes each day repeating the affirmation to yourself. As you say the words, notice any thoughts or feelings that come up for you. Become aware of how they make you feel in your mind, body and spirit. Allow yourself to explore how it feels and what it really means to give yourself permission to honour the process.

*This affirmation was taken from the Permission Affirmation Card deck. Download your free printable copy here.

8. Unfollow people who make you feel bad

Social media has become a big part of our daily lives and therefore the people that we follow on these platforms can have quite an effect on how we feel. It’s important that we curate feeds that make us feel good and so if someones content triggers us in a negative way it’s ok to unfollow them. It doesn’t mean that they are bad, just that their energy isn’t right for you, right now. It’s not personal. If you feel that you can’t unfollow them for any reason, then there’s always the mute button.

9. Try a digital detox

A digital detox is the practice of refraining from using digital devices such as phones, tablets, computers and televisions for a set period of time. All of these have become a huge part of our everyday life, and do of course have a purpose. However, being constantly connected in this way can cause a lot of anxiety and also disconnect us from being present in real life. Schedule time this month (even if it’s just a day) to turn all of these devices off so that you can focus fully on the moment.

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