Reflect, Release, Renew, Ritual & Review: Our 5-Step Process For Working With The Jewel of Life System

When we embark on the journey of Goddess living there is likely to be a great desire for change in many facets of our life. In fact, it is often this deep desire to transform our lives to one that feels more authentic and true that sets us on our new path in the first place.

As you have probably already experienced, this path is not always an easy one to navigate, especially at first. Stepping out into unknown territory will naturally be confusing and it can take a while to work out our route to victory.

Creating real significant change is a process that requires a plan of aligned action to take us from start to success. It’s all very well knowing what we want (and let’s face it even that’s sometimes difficult), but actually making it happen is a whole other set of steps.

As part of our Jewel of Life system we have created the following 5 part process that can be applied to each of the different facets of your life, to help you create more balance and bliss with less overwhelm and stress.


Establish your needs, challenges and strengths


Identify what you need to let go of 


Determine what you need to acquire  


Create your plan of action and execute


Evaluate your progress and refine your steps

Part 1: Reflect

The first stage of the process is all about establishing what it is that we want to achieve and why we want to achieve it. Understanding why we want something is powerful because it gives it purpose, and when we have purpose we have the motivation to see it through.

What challenges might you face and how can you overcome them? What are your strengths in relation to this goal?

Part 2: Release

The second stage of the process is about identifying what we need to let go of in order to achieve our goal. If we want to bring new things into our lives, then we have to create room for them.

Who do you need to release for your highest good? What clutter and chaos do you need to clear? What habits or thought patterns do you need to let go of?

Part 3: Renew

The third part of the process is about determining what we need to obtain in order to fulfil our goal. If we want to succeed then we need to equip ourselves to do so.

What knowledge or skills do you need to acquire? What tools or resources will you need to get the job done? Who do you need to reach out to for help with completing your goal?  

Part 4: Ritual

The fourth part of the process is all about creating the a plan of action that will take. If we want to then we need to

What daily rituals do I need to do? How can I break each task down into manageable steps?

Part 5: Review

The fifth part of the process is all about evaluating the progress we have made so far so that we can adjust accordingly. 

What is working well so far? What hasn’t worked well? What unexpected challenges came up and how did you deal with them?

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