Airy Fairy – Goddess Headpiece


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Inspiration & Intention:

Affirmation: “I sprinkle love and light wherever I go”

This piece was created to inspire an attitude of pure joy and compassion towards the self and others.

Yellow Calcite is an uplifting stone known to enhance our sense of personal power and self-confidence. It is also known to stimulate the mind and increase our sense of hope and optimism.

Chrysoprase is a calming stone known to open us up to the love and abundance of the universe and deepen our connection with the divine whole. It can also help heal the heart and bring emotional balance by increasing our capacity for compassion and forgiveness of ourselves and others.


Product Details:

A flowing strand of individually wrapped Yellow Calcite, Chrysoprase and blue crystals hang from gorgeous teal coloured double satin ribbon, which ties securely around the head.

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