Berry Good – Goddess Headpiece


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Inspiration & Intention:

Affirmation: “Life is sweet!”

This piece was created to inspire the ability to see all the greatness and blessings that lie within and around you.

Amazonite is known as a calming stone that helps us not only connect with our truth but to also speak it in the most loving and compassionate way possible. It can also help to bring more balance into our lives by releasing negative energy and allowing us to see things from different viewpoints.

Jade is a nurturing stone known to attract good luck, prosperity and universal abundance. It has a loving and tranquil energy that helps to bring more balance and harmony into our lives whilst enhancing our physical and emotional wellbeing.


Product Details:

A flowing strand of individually wrapped Amazonite, Jade and purple crystals hang from gorgeous fuchsia pink coloured double satin ribbon, which ties securely around the head.

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