How To Write A Letter of Love For Self-Growth

It’s no secret that we love to provide you with inspirational tools and resources here at Zorluna HQ, with one of our most beloved creations for our community being our Letters of Love. In a similar way that a traditional love letter is given to show care and appreciation, our Letters of Love are created to inspire hope, guidance, compassion and motivation with you #TheGoddessClique, so that you can all go out and live a life that you love.

However, writing a Letter of Love is not just a gift that must be bestowed upon you by someone else. In fact, writing to yourself in this way can be a powerful tool for self-love, transformation and generally getting shit done.

It might sound like a crazy or even self-absorbed thing to do, but it really isn’t. You see, whether you are conscious of it or not you are constantly telling yourself a story about yourself and your life, so you might as well take control of the narrative and make it a good one.

A Letter of Love can be a valuable tool for self-growth for many reasons… Firstly, it can be a reassuring voice when we feel confuse… Secondly, it can offer us guidance when we feel lost and… And thirdly, like its title suggests, it can show us love and compassion when we are struggling to find it within.

Moments of doubt and despair are a normal part of life and as much as we may be able to accept this, it is not always easy to overcome. Reading a Letter of Love when we are feeling less than loving towards ourselves can be a great reminder that a little compassion and kindness can go a long way.

There are two ways that Letters of Love can be used. The first being as a tool to help us navigate in the present moment. The act of writing itself can be a powerful catalyst for healing and transformation, so not only will we benefit from the positive and uplifting words that we read back to ourselves, but also through the process of writing them as well.

The second, as a way of overcoming any future challenges. Our belief and confidence in ourselves can come and go, and sometimes the nearer we are to accomplishing something, the more we can try and sabotage ourselves with negative words and emotions. However, by pre-empting our future triggers and writing ourselves a letter filled with love and encouragement, we can get ourselves back on track more easily when the self doubts start to kick in.

Goddess Guidance

Below are some tips to consider when writing your own letters of love:

1. Identify the purpose of the letter

In order for you to get the most benefit from the letter you need to first identify why you are writing it. For example, is its purpose to lift your spirits? To keep you on track? Or perhaps to help you to overcome an obstacle? Knowing your ‘why’ will not only give it more meaning, but it will also help keep the writing process more simple and efficient.

2. Be honest with yourself

Letters of love aren’t for holding back, they are for communicating how you really feel so that you can actually make the desired change. Just remember that real authentic truth creates real authentic change.

3. But keep the language positive and loving

Always be kind with your words, even if you need to be firm. Regardless of the situation it is important that you remain compassionate and loving towards yourself, so make sure that this is reflected with the words and tone that you choose to write with.

4. Know your triggers

One of the benefits of writing yourself a letter of love is to help you cope with any obstacles that you may be facing either in the present or the future. But in order to do this you need to identify any possible triggers that could come up to pull you off track. Once you know what they are then you can start to incorporate the right words to help you overcome them.

5. Ask questions

One of the best ways to solve a problem is to ask the right questions. If you were writing to someone else think about the kinds of questions you would need to ask them in order to get to a deeper understanding of what was going on in their life. Ask questions that are going to identify how you are feeling and why. Explore what the current obstacles are and think about how you would start to overcome them.

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