Dull, Bright or Brilliant? How To Measure The Facets of Your Life Using The Brilliance Scale

The Brilliance Scale: Dull, Bright, Brilliant

Taking time out to regularly reflect on our lives is an important part of living the Goddess lifestyle. One of the most simple and effective ways to do this is to use a metric system that allows us to identify where we are currently at, so that we can move forward into bigger and brighter things.

However, whilst most self-growth tools use a numeric scale (usually ranging from 1-10), we believe that this way of doing things can be flawed in the long term.

Unless we are talking the beautiful language of numerology, an ascending scale of poor to perfect doesn’t really hold much of an emotional connection in its numerical form. It’s easy to grasp the extremes where 1 is the worst and 10 the best, but what about the in between numbers? If you are trying to gain insight and clarity then you need to keep it simple and having too many choices that can feel ambiguous will cause more confusion.

Also, whilst we believe that we should always strive to feel the best in all areas of life, aiming for a perfect 10 across the board infers some kind of perfectionism that is not only unrealistic but also unfair. Our lives are busy and complex and the chances of us being able to score 10 in every area at the same time is unlikely.

Not only that, the fact that we would score ourselves in this way kinda implies that once we reach that magic ten there is nowhere to go but down. The truth is, we can feel very fulfilled yet still have the desire to seek more, that’s just part of being human. Instead, we need to use a more qualitative method that allows us the room to both basque in our light and continue to grow at the same time.

In our Jewel of Life system we take a different approach to help us identify how we currently feel about each facet of our life. Instead of a 10 point numerical scale (which can add more confusion), our Brilliance Scale consists of 3 simple options of dull, bright or brilliant.

In gemstone terminology the word brilliance refers to the light reflected from its interior as opposed to its surface. If we were to apply this to our own lives we will see that the more we honour our own inner needs and desires the more brilliantly we will shine.

Dull, bright or brilliant? How To Measure The Facets Of Your Life Using The Brilliance Scale

How to use the Brilliance Scale

The Brilliance Scale is often the first step when working with the facets as it is a simple and effective way of measuring our progress and keeping us motivated. Using the brief descriptions below simply go through each facet and see which one applies most. Once you have a good idea of where each facet is at then you can start to implement the necessary steps to either change or maintain it.

When things feel dull…

They are not in accordance to your true authentic self. You will feel unhappy and unfulfilled in this facet of your life and there will be many things you wish to change.

What would take you from dull to bright?

Whilst things may seem far from brilliant, in reality it only takes a few small changes for us to start to see a glimmer of light. Your main focus here is to remove anything that may be dulling your shine

When things feel bright…

They are partly in alignment to your true authentic self. You will feel fairly happy and fulfilled in this facet of your life and whilst you have gratitude for what you have, there will still be some significant improvements you wish to make.

What would take you from bright to brilliant?

If things already feel bright then congratulations you are halfway there. The focus here is to refine this facet so that it will shine even brighter. The clearer we can get about what makes us tick (i.e. our desires, beliefs and challenges) the easier it will be to reach brilliance.

When things feel brilliant…

They are in complete alignment to your true authentic self. You feel very happy and fulfilled in this facet of your life.

What would keep things brilliant?

The focus here is to maintain the high level of brilliance that you have already achieved so you will likely want to keep doing what you are already doing. Do remember though that just because you are feeling very fulfilled it doesn’t mean that you won’t want to strive for more. As we continue to grow, so do our needs and desires and if we want to remain fulfilled then we have to remain connected to our true selves.

Calculating Your Overall Brilliance Level

To get your overall Brilliance Level simply add up your total score for each facet using the point system below:

For every facet that you rate as Dull add 1 point

For every facet that you rate as Bright add 2 points

For every facet that you rate as Brilliant add 3 points

If you scored between 1-9 then your overall brilliance is Dull

If you scored between 10-18 then your overall brilliance is Bright

If you scored between 19-27 then your overall brilliance is Brilliant

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