Astro Jewels: Your 2023 Virgo Season Summary

Virgo Season will be taking place between 23rd August 2023 10:01 BST – 23rd September 2023 07:50 BST.

When the Sun moves through a sign, it shines a light on how its inherent themes play out within our lives. The Sun represents our energy and personal power and provides an opportunity to take an active role in fulfilling our potential in whatever it touches.

Themes for Virgo season will be around:

  • How we show up and be of service 
  • Health and wellbeing practices
  • The ability to be analytical and discerning
  • Practicality and productivity
  • Finding order and efficiency in our lives
  • Being dedicated to detail
  • Developing and perfecting skills and talents

Welcome to Virgo season!

Over the next month the Sun will be shining its light on our potential to be more efficient and organised, as well as the ways we can enhance our wellness, routines and skillsets. 

It’s an invitation for us to look at how we can improve the inner workings of our lives, minds and bodies so we can create more sustainability and endurance. 

The Virgo vibe tends to focus on the practicalities and day-to-day workings of life, but that doesn’t mean that its potential is unexciting, Although, it may feel like that after the glitz and glamour of Leo Season.

When the Sun travels through this sign there is an opportunity for us to look at how we can make magic out of the mundane and see how taking practical steps literally creates tangible results. We can see how we can bring more ritual into the way we approach even the most tedious of tasks, and how that ritual can keep us present in the process.

It’s easy to think of being practical as somehow limiting your potential, but in reality it is often the thing that enables it. The words ‘practicality’ and ‘realistic’ are often thrown in together and expressed in a way that means to lower your beliefs in what is possible. But that isn’t a true definition. So many things are possible, which means they have the potential to be real. It’s less about belief and more about the approach in which to make it happen.  

One of Virgo’s qualities is the ability to be more analytical and discerning so we can produce the best results with the most efficiency. It asks us to look more closely at the details so we can perfect the outcome. However, it is important to mention that the pursuit of perfection can be pretty problematic if we hold too tightly to it. Think progress over perfection!

I like to think of Virgo Season as a yearly service, where we open up the machine and check its efficiency. It’s a time where we get to inspect the different parts and see how they work together. Also to see what needs to be repaired or replaced in order to keep the mechanics working. 

After all, Virgo is a sign of service, and this is a time to not only look at how we show up and serve others, but also how we show up and serve ourselves.

Key Dates For Your Cosmic Calendar During Virgo Season

Sun enters Virgo -23rd August 2023 10:01 BST

Shining a light on your potential to enhance your wellbeing, routines, organisation, efficiency and skills.

Mercury goes retrograde – 23rd August 2023 20:59 BST

Evaluate the efficiency of your current ideas and communication style. How can you refine your approach for the best results?

Mars enters Libra – 27th August 2023 14:20 BST

An increased desire for love and harmony. A time to fight for what is right and what is fair. 

Uranus goes retrograde – 29th August 2023 03:39 BST

Reflect on where your life needs radical reform. How can you rebel against the status quo to reestablish your originality?

Full Moon in Pisces – 31st August 2023 02:35 BST

Illuminating needs around spirituality and ideals. Finding the balance between showing up and serving others as well as yourself.

Venus goes direct – 4th September 2023 02:20 BST

Find ways to move forward in your relationships. Let go of what does not make you feel loved and valued.

Jupiter goes retrograde – 4th September 2023 15:11 BST

Reflecting on the big visions you have for your life. What practical steps can be taken to make them a reality?

New Moon in Virgo – 15th September 2023 02:40 BST

Connect with your needs and desires, especially around health, wellbeing, creating order and uplevelling your skills.

Mercury goes direct – 15th September 2023 21:21 BST

Put into practice what you have learned about communicating your ideas more clearly and efficiently. 

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