Astro Jewels: Your 2023 Scorpio Season Summary

Scorpio Season will be taking place between 23rd October 2023 17:21 BST – 22nd November 2023 14:02 GMT.

When the Sun moves through a sign, it shines a light on how its inherent themes play out within our lives. The Sun represents our energy and personal power and provides an opportunity to take an active role in fulfilling our potential in whatever it touches.

Themes for Scorpio season will be around:

  • Connecting to personal power, passion and determination
  • Shared resources
  • Protection and privacy
  • Delving deep to discover the truth
  • Exploring and experiencing emotions more intensely 
  • Developing intuition and trusting instincts
  • Taboo topics or things that have been hidden

Welcome to Scorpio season!

Over the next month the Sun will be shining its light on our potential to tap into our personal power and cultivate significant change and transformation. It will also be guiding us to delve deep within, seek out our truths and face the most hidden parts of ourselves, so we can become our most evolved selves.

During this time we are invited to explore the more taboo topics of life as our shadow sides, both individually and collectively, are put under the spotlight. Issues around shame and pain are likely to come up to the surface so they can be heard, held and healed.  

We can often bury things that feel heavy or hurtful out of a need to survive, but facing them can be the thing that helps us to thrive. There’s power in pursuing the truth, even when it’s difficult.

Scorpio energy is intense and passionate and when the Sun travels through this sign it connects us to some of our most primal needs and desires. It can invoke a real need to deepen our experiences taking them and us to their ultimate depth. 

Pleasure is one of the ways in which we can seek to achieve this, but Scorpio recognises that part of the process to pleasure sometimes comes with pain. Overcoming obstacles is often one way that this plays out, as we can gain a great sense of satisfaction from our ability to endure and eventually succeed. 

Determination and dedication are both strengths of this sign and Scorpio season can be a time when we can accomplish some of our most difficult yet rewarding goals or intentions. The downside to this energy is that its fixed and intense nature can have us hanging onto things when it is time to let go. Commitment still requires change in order to be sustainable. 

Sensitivity is another Scorpio superpower. One that allows us to connect in with our deepest needs and desires, as well as those of others, opening us up to more intimacy and shared experiences. However, it can also become its weakness if our emotions end up overpowering our own sense of personal power within the situation.  

This is a sign that operates on instinct and it does this through feeling its way through. Whilst our feelings can be great guides, they don’t always provide us with the full picture. What we feel we know may block us from finding the truth we are seeking, especially when it involves others.  

Protection and privacy are core components of the Scorpio survival kit and during this time you may feel more inclined to keep things to yourself or hidden out of potential harm’s way. Whilst protecting our energy and our resources is important for our self preservation, we need to make sure we are not closing ourselves off out of fear of being hurt or rejected.

Key Dates For Your Cosmic Calendar During Scorpio Season

Sun enters Scorpio – 23rd October 2023 17:21 BST

Shining a light on your potential to tap into your personal power and create change and transformation.

Full Moon in Taurus – 28th October 2023 21:24 BST

Illuminating needs around pleasure, abundance and self-worth. Finding the balance between personal and shared resources.

Saturn goes direct – 4th November 2023 07:03 GMT

Strategise ideas for new structures that will enable better boundaries and greater control over your emotional maturity.

Venus enters Libra – 8th November 2023 09:30 GMT

Weigh up the reciprocity within your relationships. Harmony comes when you value what values you. 

Mercury enters Sagittarius – 10th November 2023 06:25 GMT

Think beyond boundaries and be open to opportunities. Get your ideas and visions out into the world. 

New Moon in Scorpio – 13th November 2023 09:27 GMT

Connect with your needs and desires, especially around personal power, shadow work and activating transformation. 

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