Astro Jewels: Your 2023 Libra Season Summary

Libra Season will be taking place between 23rd September 2023 07:50 BST – 23rd October 2023 17:21 BST.

When the Sun moves through a sign, it shines a light on how its inherent themes play out within our lives. The Sun represents our energy and personal power and provides an opportunity to take an active role in fulfilling our potential in whatever it touches.

Themes for Libra season will be around:

  • Diplomacy and creating harmony 
  • Finding peace both internally and externally 
  • Being sociable and needing to relate to others
  • Love, relationships and partnerships (both romantic and platonic)
  • Careful contemplation and striving for balance
  • Honouring beauty and appreciating art  
  • Justice and fighting for what is fair

Welcome to Libra season!

Over the next few weeks the Sun will be shining its light on our potential to create more balance and harmony within our lives, and inviting us to deliberate the delicate tipping point between the love and attention we give to the ‘we’, and the love and attention we give to the ‘me’.

During this time our close relationships will be put under the spotlight, giving us the opportunity to weigh up their current conditions to see if a fair and equal exchange of energy exists. If a healthy level of give and take is not reciprocated, resentment can easily build up, especially if dissatisfaction isn’t being communicated in order to keep the peace.

One of Libra’s core concerns is cultivating harmony, and as a relational sign it often looks to do this within a relationship setting. As the Sun makes its way through the sign of Libra this month, there is an opportunity to look at the ways we can create a sense of serenity in our close connections. 

By finding common ground, or at least being open to hearing all viewpoints, (even if they don’t match our experiences), we can allow each other the safe space to be seen, heard and understood.

However, it is important that our pursuit of peace with others doesn’t come at the cost of our own. True peace starts within, and we will never reach it if we are minimising our own needs in order to accommodate and please other people. Once again, balance is needed to find the bliss.

Libra also values collaboration and likes to prioritise the power of partnerships of both the romantic and platonic kind. This month would be a great time to explore the potential of what it means to truly work together in harmony, and to see how our own personal potential can be fulfilled with the help of others.  We all have our own unique gifts and talents and so much is possible when we come together to collaborate.    

Represented by the symbol of the scales, Libra also loves to weigh things up and carefully consider all aspects with fairness, making its season a good time to evaluate ideas or even certain circumstances that have been on your mind.  

However, Libran energy can often have us feeling indecisive. This is likely to stem from being more open and having the capacity to see all sides of a situation, and then struggling to choose, as each one is valid in its own right. 

Or it could come from simply trying to people please and keep the peace. So often we worry about the consequences of choosing the wrong thing, that we don’t choose at all. And that in itself is still a choice. 

Key Dates For Your Cosmic Calendar During Libra Season

Sun enters Libra – 23rd September 2023 07:50 BST

Shining a light on your potential to create more balance and harmony. Love and relationships will be under the spotlight. 

Full Moon in Aries – 29th September 2023 10:57 BST

Illuminating our need for independence and honouring the self. Finding the balance between the ‘me’ and the ‘we’.

Mercury enters Libra – 5th October 2023 01:08 BST

Hold space for open communication that creates resolution. Focus on ideas that bring collaboration and connection. 

Venus enters Virgo – 9th October 2023 02:10 BST

Make acts of service your love language. Analyse the values within your relationship and refine where necessary. 

Pluto goes direct – 11th October 2023 02:10 BST

Find ways to deconstruct old structures and strategies that are no longer working for you. 

Mars enters Scorpio – 12th October 2023 05:04 BST

Bring the passion to your goals and intentions. Delve deep and allow your determination to drive you forward. 

New Moon in Libra – 14th October 2023 18:55 BST

Connect with your needs and desires, especially with themes around love, relationships, beauty, justice, creating balance and finding peace.

Mercury enters Scorpio – 22nd October 2023 04:29 BST

Honour the power of your intuitive ideas and insight. Be mindful of increased sensitivity when communicating with others.   

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