Astro Jewels: Your 2023 Leo Season Summary

Leo Season

Leo Season will be taking place between 23rd July 2023 02:50 BST – 23rd August 2023 10:01 BST.

When the Sun moves through a sign, it shines a light on how its inherent themes play out within our lives. The Sun represents our energy and personal power and provides an opportunity to take an active role in fulfilling our potential in whatever it touches.

Themes for Leo season will be around:

  • Self-expression and how we honour our unique authentic selves
  • Fulfilling our greatest potential
  • Self-confidence and how we can stand out and shine bright
  • Being bolder and having more courage to live authentically
  • Tapping into our creativity
  • Playful pursuits and how we cultivate joy and pleasure
  • Self-love and the ways we show love to ourselves and others

Welcome to Leo Season!

Over the next few weeks the Sun will be travelling through its home sign, putting our creative self-expression and personal potential under the spotlight. As well as joy, pleasure and all the things we love, including ourselves, and I do hope you put your name at the top of that list!

Creativity is a core solar theme, and with Leo also in the colourful mix, this is a time to tap into our most authentic and inspired selves. It’s a reminder that we are both simultaneously a creation and a creative, and that our existence and input is very much part of the cycle of life and its ongoing evolution. 

This is also a time to let your fun flag fly, to be playful and enjoy all of the amazing experiences life has to offer. We can often get caught up in the everyday mundane tasks that make us go through the motions, instead of thriving in the adventure of it all. And we can easily forget that joy is not just our right, but it is also the fuel that keeps us going. 

Cancer season helped us to tap into our past pains and reconnect with our inner child, inspiring us to pursue activities that honoured their needs and that felt safe and nurturing. We honoured the energy by taking a more inward approach that felt cocooning and comfortable.

But now it’s time to take this even further and focus on things that help us feel playful, pleasurable, more confident and alive in the present and put us out in the world. This is especially potent, as Venus is now retrograde in the sign of Leo, inviting us to reflect on what we truly value and love the most. 

Leo is a sign that exudes confidence, and during its season there is an opportunity for us to expand this within ourselves. But do remember, that confidence looks different on everyone and so it is important to understand what it actually means to us on an individual basis. 

Finding ways to step outside the lines of your penciled in zones of comfort would be a great place to start. As long as what you are stepping into aligns with your goals and feels authentic to your personal needs and desires.

The flip side of confidence of course can be arrogance. So you may find yourself coming up against the expanded ego of others during this time, or even yourself. As long as you approach things from the heart and with love you will be able to fulfil your truest potential.

Key Dates For Your Cosmic Calendar During Leo Season

Sun enters Leo – 23rd July 2023 02:50 BST

Shining a light on the potential within ourselves, our joy, our creative self-expression and the way we love.

Chiron goes retrograde – 23rd July 2023 13:42 BST

Reflect on your healing journey. How has past pain provided inner strength and courage?

Mercury enters Virgo – 28th July 2023 22:31 BST

Taking a practical and methodical approach to our ideas and communicating by being of service.

Full Moon in Aquarius – 1st August 2023 19:31 BST

Illuminating our need for innovation and originality. Finding balance between contributing to society and self

New Moon in Leo – 16th August 2023 10:38 BST

Setting intentions around love, joy, personal potential and self-confidence.

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